If I was a history doctoral candidate somewhere…. 

Talking obliquely about military service yesterday, which was this ubiquitous thing in mid-20th century America…. Something David Brooks and James Fallows approve of….  I think there’s some unexplored sideline contextual observations there that are interesting.   In my case, my parents and uncles / aunts had grandparents from the old countries, and among those immigrant ancestors of mine I think there was a consistent pattern of dodging European military conscription circa 1875 – 1900.  I know somewhat concretely that my Swedish grandfather and his brothers were actively avoiding the Swedish draft when they left for the states.   And the thing was, these people were all tenant farmers, disenfranchised and on the lowest rung of the caste ladder such as it was.  A person of that status couldn’t vote in Sweden at the time.  So aside from having rock soup every night and James J Hill beckoning with jobs that paid …. Conscription for 2/3 years was kind of a ballsy ask of the disenfranchised, and the disenfranchised said screw you and left.  Then they are in America at age 80 and they got all these grand kids in WWII and Vietnam and they are very proud of it (…I wasn’t there, but I figure they were proud).  And it was because they felt they owned a piece and had some regard in this system in America.  Talking about societal confidence, as maybe Brooks would contemplate.  So, I don’t know what you’d measure…. Pervasiveness of military service among the European underclass / middle class late 19th century vs pervasiveness of military service and American underclass / middle class mid 20th century.  More I think about it I bet it would be hard to prove but I think it exists, I think this was a real thing, a contrast for which there is an explanation.

Jots with dots

Dilettante employment lawyer: I have some dissatisfaction with an assessment that ‘bad apples’ are not overrepresented in police departments.  They seem kinda common, and the situation is not helped by the good apples feeling some obligation to abet the bad.  But really, yes there’s some wisdom in the high truth that most people are good, and most groups of people are like others….  So ya gotta figure, it’s the system that creates an overrepresentation of misanthropes among the police and might make some good people act their worst.  But we’re still supposed to have confidence the misanthropes are not pervasive enough to outnumber the normal people and run the show, right?  Kinda shockingly deeply reported here:  http://www.twincities.com/crime/ci_28023825/slain-mendota-heights-officer-was-suing-city-harassment  I can’t figure out who the misanthrope is.  I lean to, they all get tuned into  misanthropes, or the late Ofc. Patrick was a normal person in the unfortunate situation of having to deal with a buncha misanthropes.  I can attest….  Exceptional obsessiveness / pedanticism / inflexibility or lack of sociability such that you can’t get along with the main clique makes you the misanthrope.  And that might be the late Ofc. Patrick here.  But the main clique has got its own misanthropic features what with the stealing of the picnic table from a private business.  Ofc.  Patrick thought that was over the line… and it is, truly… and asked that something be done about it.  If Patrick expected his chief to write a bunch of theft citations… that mighta been too much to expect, as a practical matter.  And as a guy there’s a sensibility in dropping your beef with the boss once the table was returned.  Ya know, let it go and get along….  Making it an issue in your union shop seems kinda misanthropic, though that avenue exists for exactly those complaints….  It would appear the chief retaliated with some exaggerated work evaluations and then sic’d the in-group clique on Patrick.  That’s whistleblower retaliation, whether Patrick has an inability to get along or not.  What’s my point A)….These guys siccing the internal affairs tribunals and POST tribunals and union tribunals on each other for trivial grievances… this could not be more far removed from how mundane matters are adjudicated in the regular world.  In the regular world, you get over it or disassociate.  It’s also to say, tangentially, my fancy with a libertarian or even anarchic ethic of a kind is that there’s a lot of wisdom in not regarding some things as problems and thus not having systems for the purpose of adjudicating things that are basically trivialities.  What’s my point B) The cop union makes these cops screwy, enables a lot of screwy misanthropy.  A Scott Walker like endeavor to curtail cop union activities to bargaining for patrol cop salaries of $85k or whatever is prevailing would do some good.  That would be turning the Scott Walker thing on its head kinda.  And good.

That would be one of my complaints:  http://www.newrepublic.com/article/121643/why-do-so-many-people-hate-sound-hillary-clintons-voice what with the sexless nag tag I keep using.  And I expects that its problematic, right or wrong.  Palin actually has the same kind of auditory shrillness quality I think.

I expect that this is an embraced policy position and not a pander:  http://theweek.com/articles/552605/hillary-clinton-talks-good-game-criminal-justice-reform-but-deliver  And I think it’s a winner.

I said that: breaking at this moment  http://hotair.com/archives/2015/05/01/breaking-baltimore-to-charge-cops-with-homicide-in-freddie-gray-death/  Not a real high bar to charge.  Figure, you can charge a case that’s hard to win.  But you charge it, you got to assert a minimally credible case, which means its elevated from a police white washing. If there’s not a palpable public mood… like a riot….you’re more able to accede to the cops whimsy and not charge.


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