I feel so ashamed….

…I can’t spot an obvious disagreement I might have….  http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/240634-michael-moore-disarm-the-police

“Filmmaker Michael Moore on Thursday called for the release of all blacks jailed on drug sentences to be released, and for the police to be disarmed.

“Here’s my demand: I want every African-American currently incarcerated for drug ‘crimes’ or non-violent offenses released from prison today,” Moore tweeted. (Zingy:  I don’t think that’s an absurd sentiment)

“Next demand: Disarm the police,” he continued.  (Zingy:  I don’t think that’s an absurd sentiment)

Moore’s tweets were in response to the rioting in Baltimore earlier this week, which was triggered by the death in police custody of a 25-year-old black man.

“We have ¼ billion 2nd Amendment guns in our homes 4 protection,” Moore wrote. “We’ll survive til the right cops r hired.”  (Zingy: not a stretch as a practical observation such that it would ever happen)

The “Fahrenheit 9/11” director additionally accused national law enforcement of practicing racial discrimination against blacks.

“And the rest who r imprisoned – I don’t believe 50 percent did what they’re accused of,” Moore tweeted(Zingy:  50% might be too high, but with plea adjudication being the rule, and it being flawed a flawed method, you might say 50% or more of them were not served with justice.)

“Lies, greed, a modern day slave system,” he added. “Poor whites 2.”  (Zingy:  A bit hyperbolic)

Moore argued “local cops now militarized” upheld this system of oppression. This status quo, he continued, undermines America’s deepest values.  (Zingy:  I don’t think that’s an absurd sentiment)

“Founding Fathers said NO army policing our soil,” the filmmaker charged. (Zingy:  that’s right)

“Why do cops have tanks?” he asked. “Oh right – the Enemy: The Black Man.”  (Zingy:  I don’t think that’s an absurd sentiment)

Moore also listed a summary of alleged grievances perpetrated by police departments against minority communities, especially blacks.

“Imprison u, shoot u, sever your spine, crush your larynx, send u to war, keep u poor, call u a thug, not let u vote,” he tweeted.

“But u can sing for us,” Moore finished.  (Zingy:  he goes for the trope there, but yeah, that’s a real irony)

The director’s screed was in response to violent protests in Baltimore earlier this week.

Riots erupted Monday over the death of Freddie Gray. Baltimore police on Tuesday arrested 235 people after confrontations in the streets.

The city additionally imposed a curfew between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. that will last through the end of the week.


One thought on “I feel so ashamed….

  1. pm1956

    I actually enjoyed “Roger & Me”. Other than that, i am not a Michael Moore Fan. And while I might quibble with some of what he said above, I do agree generally with the sentiments…and with you. Much more so that the law and order platitudes from the usual suspects (Guiliani, etc.). I am getting sick and tired of the knee jerk defense of the police. I am afraid that i have some to consider the police a major part of the problem….


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