Rioting won’t solve anything

That’s supposed to be of commandment like wisdom right?  I’m not sure it’s true, not sure it isnt an answer that creates some movement re this particular problem.

Thing is, peaceful protest is yes, somewhat more virtuous I suppose.  And people getting hurt is not desirable.  But it’s otherwise just a tactic.  Figure that Gandhi and MLK sought to expose apartheids corruption by confronting it with protest.  As a practical matter, violent confrontation muddies the contrast with the oppressor, allows them to call the protesters insurrectionists.

Here… I guess I could foresee a peaceful Occupy style protest at the Baltimore municipal square moving the ball at some point, maybe gaining a commitment to civilian review… I dunno.  And ya wonder why it hasn’t happened.  Answer probably being, organizationally it’s very difficult.  But with a riot, what you do apply is some weight in the near term such that it’s very difficult for the Freddie Gray review to be a cleansing operation for the Baltimore police.


Jots with Dots:

I said that: Camden Yards.  Except for the parts I didn’t say, but I am kind of with him there in sentiment.

I don’t see the usefulness or accuracy of his globalization observation there.  We’re talking about police abuses, and it’s not a metastasizing problem because globalization gives us an abundance of unemployed people on the fringes for the police to beat up.  But the Angelos’ are labor lawyers and globalization tropes are the kind of coin of the realm in their circles.

Been reading in the last couple days that the notion of free trade is kind of if not completely unimpeachable.  There’s like ‘97% consensus’ type certitude on it.  And yeah, free trade dislocates….  But even so I don’t know how an alternate view of barriers and tariffs can be regarded as superior by anyone.

I’d never heard of this:  Despite a pretty good memory for local history.  Kind of an auspicious one, you’d figure it would have more lingering notoriety.

The Myth: still in business…  Just saying, it wasn’t inevitable, I recall the guys who started it were some kind of sketchy up and comer business guy who’s name I forget and Denny Hecker.  Goodness, I haven’t been to that part of Maplewood in a meaningful way for like 15 years.  My parents were from Maplewood and Oakdale and I don’t live that far from it now…  Stone Temple Pilots: I hate the song ‘Plush’ but until last weekend always thought that was by Pearl Jam.  And it’s written, what, from the perspective of some guy who kills a woman and is fretting about discovery of the body,  ‘…dogs begin to smell her’.  So people like Pearl Jam right, they are well regarded, and I couldn’t reconcile that with this stupid song, something did not compute.  That being, it’s not a Pearl Jam song.

Koch Oligarchy for the 1%:


One thought on “Rioting won’t solve anything

  1. pm1956

    I think that we are in general agreement here, wrt baltimore. Yes, violence is bad, but…sometimes violence is all you have got left, and Baltimore seems to be a pretty bad situation.

    This was a good article:

    I hate Fox news, which is playing up the riots, and seemingly portraying them as a black thing. what about this? :

    FWIW, I am a huge supporter of free trade areas, and those who oppose them are basically trying to protect special interests. It’s a NIMBY thing, and one of the things i dislike intensely about “progressives”


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