Word police:  Shocked and appalled


I dunno, I don’t think there’s a generally recognized price for these things where we’re to understand we get good value.  They cost what they cost.  And overruns are the rule.  And thus, being ‘shocked and appalled’ when the price exceeds the generally recognized value price…. That’s not a thing, d/n stand to reason.

It’s also to say, if its $341M more to get it done, and this is to be your backbone infrastructure for 100 years…. That doesn’t actually seem like much.  But obviously, that’s not it.  It’s that he’s shocked and appalled at the $341M increase as compared against the revenue sources that would fund the project.

The Governor seems to get caught flat footed a bit.

I kinda like the train (in principle), if this don’t work build the one to Woodbury and its eastern exurbs.


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