Camden Yards vs. nerd prom

The protest viewed alongside the correspondents dinner may or may not be an appropriate contrast, ya know, appropriate for some discernment of ‘irony’ .  The Camden Yards march itself is what, Baltimore’s version of the Mall of America march we had here, an attempt to confront the mainstream with some consciousness raising (though maybe there’s a slight technical difference in Baltimore is not protesting in the abstract, the Freddie Gray protest is a more specific reaction)…. There’s a white middle class perspective that seems think these demonstrations are not appropriately brought into non-political, commercial private spaces of public accommodation.  It’s my casual sense the aggrieved aren’t all the usual recalcitrant conservatives; there’s a lot of Democrats making this complaint.   Ya know, the conservatives probably think it’s illegitimate, but the Democrats don’t get it.  The police abuses basically all occur within a larger mission to protect the property and commerce of bourgeois shop owners and patrons.  And politically, the rubber meets the road with the bourgeois.  Thus, commercial private spaces of public accommodation where they gather are appropriate venues for the proles to try and make an argument.  I’m not being mirthful, completely serious.

Jots with dots 4/27

Yeah, I read the original Powerline piece and my sense was their enthusiasm was misplaced…

Chait stains: I have a long enough memory to understand that Hillary certainly had / has / will have a progressive view of the nanny / welfare state.  She’s committed there.  Inasmuch as we’re supposed to understand that commitment equals ‘concern for the little guy’, ya know, the Republican observation that she’s too rich to be for the little guy is going to be obtuse.  Not that we won’t hear it, and not that it won’t be received as wisdom.  Oh, ya gotta figure that she will be a ‘tool’ for her rich Democrat friends and contributing business interests, that’s true, that’s the way it works.  Big thing is, on wealth she’s insufficiently radical for the Democrat party’s ‘inner dialogue’.  So whether she’s good enough is really an argument for Democrats to have among themselves, doesn’t matter so much what the GOP thinks.  And she’s not a suitable candidate, but the notion is apparently that she’s the only Democrat with enough stature to win the presidency, so it’s OK if she’s doesn’t reflect Democrat thought, but merely panders to it.  Or ya know, doesn’t even pander to it, like Hillary and Obama were doing on gay marriage in 2008…  I just can’t believe the party is going to nominate this hopelessly defective candidate.  Ya know, I think I was similarly abhorred at the idea the Democrats would nominate a hopelessly defective HRC in 2008, and the phenomena was, they basically came to their senses, given alternatives.  There is still time for that.

Recall the rule….  Democrats doing it, ya know that’s not morally equivalent.  Thus, no double standard.

Can they?  Sure  Will they?  I doubt in the next generation.  And there’s not any urgency, really.  It’s not like it’s not fine for this area to be sparse and remote.

I’ll grant that PPACA appears to be ‘working’ in some way or form, much as it is in fact functioning and people are insured.    How do I know the administration is not lying about the financials though?  You get some sense they are shoveling off book money at it.  Now, fair to say that might be the kind of apocryphal nugget Republicans comfort themselves with… But the administration has felt justified in lying about the smallest details of PPACA.  So again, how do we know?


One thought on “Camden Yards vs. nerd prom

  1. pm1956

    Camden Yard:

    i agree with you, I see nothing wrong with protesting to get peoples attention–and that often means invading their comfort zones. I think that making comfort zones impervious is bad social policy–we all need to know what is going on in the world, even if we do not feel good about it.


    She is not my favorite. Clearly she and Bill are eager to become rich, and I think that bill jacked up his fees to accumulate a lot of dough now before she is running/elected President, because he knows he will have to lay off during that time. Same with the Foundation. They let the avarice get out of hand. That in no way means that she won’t advocate for for various forms of income redistribution and more or less “progressive” policies as President. She just views this as looking out for the little people–no need for her or Bill to be little people themselves. Sure, there is irony there, but it is not irony endemic to dems…it is irony endemic to the ruling class in the USA, of all stripes. And the GOP won’t be able to make an electoral issue of this, because not only are they just as bad, but their policy proposals are worse for the poor and downtrodden. So, HRC is certainly a flawed candidate, but not one doomed to fail come november 2016.


    Yes, it is working, and appears to be broadly sustainable. Plenty of people are insured, and the financials appear to be very good. How do you know? Is this going to be like Obama’s birth certificate? If so, you will know after about 10 years or so…..


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