They’re hopelessly corrupt, but would be way better than a Republican president….cuz they have values that aren’t compromised by their corruption… apparently…  I think the Clintons have a defense though, that these people were all trying to buy influence, and the Clintons let them believe these were solid bribes… but then didn’t do anything, didn’t really go out of their way to get the bribers their pro quo, huh, amirite? We’re all good.  Other thing:  Are we to properly understand that the Clinton Foundation actually does charitable works?  It seems a dubious notion, though sure, it’s top of mind that they were actually present in Haiti in recent years.   Where they are apparently not now held in high regard, wish I had a link.  Other Other thing:  The rubber chicken speech circuit as it pertains to colleges… ya know I get it.  On one level, if you’re a tastemaker or celebrity, your fee is how you allocate your appearances.  IE, you go to places that will pay your high fee, it’s a function of price discrimination.  Hillary shouldn’t be doing that at colleges, shouldn’t be taking $300k, shouldn’t be charging anything.  It’s an enormous moral and judgment failing.  But hey, she’s a Democrat so I’m sure despite these insufficiencies she’d be much better as president than an earnest Republican.

Jots with dots 4/23

The Clive Bundy of raisins eh.  As I say, 9 to nothing:  K maybe 8 to 1, Breyer is totally hippy dippy and with no sense the government should be limited in any of its methods.   It’s kind of insulting that the administration makes a defense of this, although you read the transcripts and it might be right to note a real lack of effort to win the case.

The kook left outside of Wisconsin agrees, it’s not OK the Walker / John Doe tribunals used SWAT teams to invoke search warrants.  But she thinks conservatives should understand the boot of the police state comes down harder in the Ferguson type milieus.  I think she overstates the degree that conservatives are unsympathetic there, I can’t think of a very prominent voice for law and order conservatism right now.  I’m sure some decent examples could be cited though.

I like Krauthammer, thinks he’s of obvious brilliance.  But I have no sense his explicit predictions ever come to fruition.

Why?  Well, figure it’s at least vaguely of that mechanism expressed by Gary Trudeau.  You don’t punch downward, and Muslims aren’t an institutional pillar that needs to be toppled yet re that context of transforming western civilization to progressive aspirations.  IE, they don’t have a lot of power here.  To be charitable, you could say the administrations main motivation is diplomatic, but Turkey ought not be that important to us that we can’t recite truth lest it offend them.

Fishing hole killing:  I tellya, it’s very hard to figure how this kid’s culpability is adjudicated such that he gets more than a nominal sentence what with the victim(s), ya know, sneaking up in the dark to corner and scare these guys and provoke them into a physical confrontation.  Then kid says back off, I have a knife.  Guy doesn’t back off, he gets stabbed.  If the stabbing is not self-defense because it’s excessive and an overreaction, it ain’t by much.

Bri’s erf day column over at Joey & the Lambo is…. excellent.  I have been reading Bri for 30 years along with everyone else local I read, and my critique would be that he’s been a clown act for a long time, pretty much the standard blithe obnoxious partisan churl lefty archetype.  And though something of a well read Nader / Chomsky-ite apparently, very shallow, and not all that ‘smart’ despite an ostensible appreciation for intelligent discourse.  So he goes contrarian a bit here on the eco-lefts tribal knowledge… that we can aspire to a non-carbon energy economy that invites abundance rather than scarcity and allocation.  I think that’s true, like in the grandest of ways… universal truth.  And I think it demonstrates something that he can say so.  So a question is… is the rest of the eco-left stupid or ideologically recalcitrant or bought off to not know this? Cuz that’s what he would say about the right.

Good on him, good on the Cardinals for bringing him up.  Teams usually take a dim view 29 year old prospects, even if they haven’t actually languished in the minors for 10 years.  I can attest to this personally:  if you are a normal dude who is in shape enough to have a rigorous session of catch, doing it with a guy who can throw 90 is somewhat a difficult proposition.  I could do it as beer league baseball player, but it’s not without its aggravations for the pro.  They want to long toss at say 180 or 250 feet… guy like me is rainbowing it at that point.  It’s a different deal…  Documentary coming out called ‘Fastball’, eager to see it.


5 thoughts on “They’re hopelessly corrupt, but would be way better than a Republican president….cuz they have values that aren’t compromised by their corruption… apparently… 

  1. pm1956

    I can sort of help you out on the Haiti angle: check out this twitter feed:

    this is the feed of a good friend of mine, Richard A. Morse (hence, RAM). He was a college classmate of mine. His mother was Haitian, and related to the Duvaliers. He is a first cousin to the present President of Haiti, Martelly. He runs the Hotel Olaffson (, withn his wife, Lunise, who is Haitian, and a movie star/singer. He also has a band, called RAM, which is one of the best known in Haiti (see: ). Oh, and he is also a voudou priest.

    In any event, he is a big critic of the corruption in haiti, and the lack of democratic accountability and elections, and he thinks that the Clintons are complicit (they are strong supporters of Martelly and his government). And then there is the fact that Hillary’s brother is a director of a company that got gold mining concessions in Haiti. I have read this stuff, and while there might be some hint of corruption about how the company got the gold mining concession, it doesn’t sound like anything significant, and no one has made any $$ off of it in any fashion (yet?).

    As for law and order conservatives, generally this is something that Fox does a lot of, with people like Rudy Guiliani leading the applause for the police.

    Armenian genocide: Yeah, it is diplomatic concerns. This really matters to the Turks. And it may still be important to us–they are our most important Muslim ally (Egypt and Saudi have issues….) (of course, so does Turkey). But they are a Nato member, so are an actual ally of ours.

    Harris and the Cards: I am eager to see this. This afternoon, 4pm, on MLB. B TW, have you seen MLB’s Statcast yet? I have been sort of underwhelmed so far, but I think that they are just getting to learn how to use it. Some interesting stuff about apparent speed, and the role of rpm’s in pitching, and good stuff on the reaction time of the fielders.

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      I have bought the audio stream for the MLB at bat app for $3/mo, but not MLB TV premium. With MLB TV you get good value if you are an ex pat from your hometown, like you living here and watching the Cardinals. If you’re here and you want to watch the Twins, you’re blacked out from watching the home games on the stream. IP blocked basically, it’s really kind of obnoxious, and I have not made peace with the idea.


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