The war on Spotted Cow

Nationally, Minnesota is getting noticed for being quaint as hell:  So, I tried it last night, picked up a 6 pack in Hudson… where I shop for everything anyways, as a matter of proximity, non- Wisconsinite that I am.  You know New Glarus also has a beer called “two women”… snicker snicker….I’m such an adolescent.  Anyway, Spotted Cow….it’s good, I think I find it tastier than most, this said by way of also noting that I don’t have much a palate for beer… though I and the Mrs. like beer quite a bit.  Ya know, I think I’d like to be a lover of craft beer… provided I can find one that tastes like good old, American macro brew.  I think I do agree with a critique that the craft beers are too hoppy.  Other thing:  I need to know what American macro beers kinda are, re the terminology of ale, lager, pilsner… etc.  So I can shop for that in a craft beer.   I think I like something with a nice transparent amber color that’s not too punchy or watered down.  Other other thing:  that great cinematic experience Smokey and the Bandit was constructed around the idea that you couldn’t get Coors east of the Mississippi.  I never actually got that plot point, IE, why that would be.  But this Spotted Cow thing is reminiscent of that.  Other other other thing: what ever happened to Pig’s Eye Pilsner?  Seemed to have some cache as a label for a while, and now its gone.

Jots with dots 4/22

Scott Walker is being argued as an immigration protectionist.  Such that this observation appears on the right now, figure it will appear in the mainstream soon.  I see that as somewhat a truth economically, that immigrants will create downward pressure on domestic wages… though this is mitigated by these jobs truly being those Americans won’t do anyway.  What I can’t figure, is how you argue for trade protections AND open borders.  I don’t expect that work at all, particularly in a mfg environment that needs less human labor.  But that’s not the point I guess, what with other political aims superseding…

Elaborate discussion yesterday on Newscut, in which Bob Collins couldn’t be convinced the ‘vets getting spit on’ thing during Vietnam was fairly apocryphal.  IE more myth than not.

Gary Trudeau… ya know, there’s a pushback against Christians and / or conservatives when they say they are inordinately singled out for dialectic analysis and diminishment by ‘progress’.  Gary Trudeau as a lefty change warrior says … you should lay off everyone basically but ya know, western Christianity and related cultural vestiges.  What gives?

I have no slave owners in my ancestry  Dilletante anthropologist that I am, I have a notion there was a phenomena of immigrants or otherwise fairly newly arrived families losing farms in the 20’s and 30’s, they moving to the cities, and their descendants being todays office worker class suburban-ites.  I’d call this phenomena ‘Joadism’.  Maybe someone has written about it, I would read that.

Hypocrisy watch:  I do think these peoples failure to withhold enough qualifies as hypocrisy, though not a complete hypocrisy


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