The deuce 4/21

DEA chief – You know,  I am particularly motivated to report on the personal angle here at Zingy.  She’s from Minnesota and she’s a relative of mine, my paternal grandmother was a Leonhart from St. Paul.  But, it’s one of those things were I may have been in Michelle Leonhart’s presence once, and she might have been a teenager then and I a child.  Problem, I think, is you may have talented administrators brought into run these law enforcement agencies, but they just do not have the wherewithal to take on the rotten culture.  It’s a dealbreaker, it would incite a larger recalcitrance within the professional ranks that they’d be unable to overcome to get other reforms done.  Basically, its hopeless, amirite?

There’s probably every reason to believe that the internal review boards keep clearing this guy…  But still, it would seem worth the city’s while to find a way to fire him before his excessive force payouts hit 7 figures.

I took a poetry class at Beaver State, and went to a thing on campus where Toni Morrison appeared and was doing some reading.  She critiqued one of my poems, and found fault with my use of gerunds.  It was quite humbling, told me I had a long way to go to be a decent English major, as I had not contemplated gerunds at all.

They’re hopelessly corrupt, but would be way better than a Republican president….cuz they have values that aren’t compromised by their corruption… apparently…

CSI: Lakeland  Couple things….Borderline was a recent attempt to have a family sports bar / tavern in a village that didn’t otherwise have one, that being my village, Lakeland.  Earnest effort, went under for reasons I think not having to do with song licensing.  I doubt they ever collected that $53k for the 16 songs.  The bar that’s operating in that venue now is Shiner’s, which we like….  Ain’t that a bit steep though?  You document 16 instances, and they’re worth over $4k each?  Bal-oney.  And that’s not on the band to take care of that?    And… that’s a job, working for a record label and going to bars to see that the band has licensed the music?  Sounds like a good job…


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