Jots with dots 4/21

Van Jones in league with those evil Kochsters and their evil libertarianism where, ya know, the government leaves you alone and stuff and it benefits the 1%:

Those conservatives and their persecution complex  The 2am SWAT teams to collect the campaign files are OK right, because of the Koch brothers?

What happened here is, there was a national conversation about guns, and the country decided…  Believe the polls, they are always right.  I dunno if it totally correlates that Americans think crime is increasing, therefore they’re against gun control… but if it is true, its right to marvel at how counterintuitive this is.  Figure if crime is increasing, there’d be a trend of stronger support for gun control.  And there’s not, which I think speaks two things, 1) an inalienable understanding of the right and personal responsibility for personal safety, even among people who have no other great depth of understanding for political philosophy and 2) a complete lack of practical confidence in the police…  Then though, what happens if the public perceives crime has gone down, will gun control be supported then?  No, then the necessity for it is removed.  It’s a loser all the way around, and forever.  I don’t know how someone like Hillary Clinton is to craft position on this that mollifies both sides, when neither side is to be mollified.  The smart answer would be, don’t.  Don’t mollify the gun controllers, as they lost and they’re not important and they’ll vote for you anyway and mollifying them loses more votes than it gains… but that’s probably not the way she’ll approach it eh.

That’s kinda radical talk there  Ya know, I bet she’s bluffing.  I bet if she wins, she doesn’t topple the 1%, doesn’t even really try.  How’s that for predictions.

My sense was always… the Democrats actually like death panels… and that it was kind of a bummer to have to posture that they didn’t so they could call Palin a liar and moron

CSI: Western Wisconsin  I do most of my shopping in Hudson.  So to me, the Sunday beer run is not really a thing, it’s not arduous, not an event.  But I go to Casanova’s.  I tell ya, you could aspire to bigger things I guess, but I don’t know how you could aspire to have a better business than Casanova’s.  I have been buying the Liftbridge craft beers out of Stillwater lately, but I will try the spotted cow.  They do have stacks of it at Casanova’s.


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