Jots with dots 4/20

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…:

The raisin board is going to lose this case, perhaps 9-0.  You lose the case, you lose your ability to make the levy at all, so I am moved to wonder how something like this gets to the USSC without the defendant making some sort of allowance for the plaintiff such that they’ll withdraw court action.  I’m not a lawyer, maybe there’s something I misunderstand.   The 9th circuit upheld it in the recent past.  You know the New Deal thing where you weren’t supposed to eat your own crops, did that ever assertively get struck down or do we just ignore it now?

I want to use my CSI: Western Wisconsin tag:  But it’s a little tone deaf.  My mother has known the victim’s family since her own childhood, she went to the funeral on Saturday.  I look at this event like A) it requires the most remote possibilities of game and chaos theory for the worst scenario to become reality and B) that the worst reality is nonetheless made possible by the victim a bit provocatively confronting the unruly young fishermen.  I don’t know that justice is served by this kid going to prison for decades, 5 years might be about right.  And if you know criminal law more than casually, you can see where that might be what happens…. I’m struck by how ‘Appalachian’ the whole thing is, a killing at the fishing hole.  And yet this is what I’ve remarked so breezily at times, how Appalachian western Wisconsin is.

Not a remotely ambiguous question:  Tony was whacked right there.

Free range kids:  I didn’t have much imagination about where I would live when I grew up.  I live close to where I was raised, which was borderline exurban and fairly homogenous at the time.  The little village where I live now is still borderline exurban and fairly homogenous, and the traffic is not heavy.  So my kids are pretty free range, as are their pals.  To have that is to be privileged, it’s nice.

Word police: “subsidy”  I reject the premise, the workers getting public benefits is not a ‘subsidy’ to their restaurant wages.  I tell ya, we go back to that Emmer controversy here…  I know there’s a difference between working at McDonalds and working at other places, and that working at those other places is something of a function of privilege in itself….  But in my teens and twenties, what I observed was that woman of average or better attractiveness could pull down about $35k a year at Chili’s or Olive Garden or Champs and do it working 25 hours a week…I think I knew single women buying starter homes with that kinda job in the nineties…. Recall now…I am FOR workers getting good money, I am FOR robust labor prices.  Kudos locally for Allina for setting a $15 floor for their lower paid workers.  That type business, they have the wiggle room to do it.  I would have found it hard to believe they had clerical workers making less than that anyway, but who knows.

Company Store:  Not that I work there…  my household just spends a lot there….  So my wife was like, I like that Lilly stuff, I’ll go check it out.  And she went to Target at about 11am on Sunday.  The shelves were bare, the horde had been through to grab the Lilly Pulitzer stuff and put it on ebay.  This is on Target, they need to commit for more inventory.  More inventory makes these goods more liquid, destroys the arbitrage angle for these ebay people.  What’s good is….  these ebay people won’t make any money, they’ll end up selling at retail prices.  Having tried it once or twice, I’ll say authoritatively you can’t go out and get today’s hot item and mark it up at twice the cost on ebay with hopes that some buyer with no boundaries on the enthusiasm will appear to buy it.  You wait forever, and you don’t make money waiting for inventory to sell. Harrumph.


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