Jots with dots 4/15

It’s not actually some sort of ‘privilege’ at work:  I dunno how you argue around the intuitive explanation that the cost of land acquisition in ‘impoverished’ areas is going to be lower, thereby making the financials of a low income housing project more viable:

I tend to agree:

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…:  Obviously, what the TSA needs is for John Oliver to laugh-splain why we should all be thankful for the TSA.

Cool  Figure he’d go to the Black Hills, so this is not an obvious pick, northwest SD is kinda nowheresville.  My Norwegian ancestors picked that spot to come to in the late 1870’s

Pres. Barack Obama ostensibly raised a lot of grassroots money, with this being very important in his victories.  Ya know, the motivation of the grass roots to donate is something of a function of a contested primary.  Is the grassroots base really going to donate to Hillary?  I have my doubts.  Insofar as it’s a problem…. It might not be, maybe the grassroots are dwarfed by soft, dark money.

I get it actually  The melding of the red and blue….  Isn’t that left to right arrow interesting, a bit counterintuitive for the same reason that the Democrats are blue and the Republicans red in this country, ie, that political codes enforced by American liberals prevent us from having a serious discussion about to what degree American liberals embrace Marxism….  In any event, it’s a clumsy looking logo.

Not inevitable….  1, 3, 4, 6, as I’ve expressed.  I’d add a tenth to this list, that there’s some disharmony in Bill continuing to date other women and while a campaign is run.  And I expect some reputable journalist will not be able to restrain themselves from making that observation, at some point.


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