Jots with dots 4/14

North Charleston: No death penalty, and it’s not as if that’s not sensible.  There’s other things to note in this article.  Recall, the shooting happened on a Saturday, the police release a boiler plate statement near immediately, then the video surfaced beginning of last week, then Slager was charged by Tuesday.  While the video prompts the charges, it’s not obvious the video contradicts a police report full of lies, because it’s not clear there was yet a police report.  Slager had just started his administrative leave with the expectation he would be interviewed mid-week.  If this is correct, I think this does speak to the phenomena of police public affairs offices releasing canned statements that have no real relationship to reality.

Good thing he’s loquacious, cuz he’s not a handsome devil:  I don’t actually think he’s a bigot, that’s probably the wrong word.

Chait stains:  The wise thing, I think, is to have some wariness of assumptions that would presume a happy path.  That’s universal wisdom stuff.  And what he does here is presume a happy path for HRC, which is oblivious to a reality of ‘what can go wrong, will go wrong’.  He’s projecting his fantasy version of the race.  Silver’s deconstruction is better.

I can vaguely see him there at the finish line  Probably at least as plausible as Rand.

The Reagan tax cuts:  I recall: my father was laid off as a DNR condemnation assessor in 1981, and I think he was making like $22,500.  I dunno, that’s probably like $50k in todays money, because $40k is the new $20k right.  That’s inflation for ye.   Anyway, 1982 was palpably stressful in the house…there were various absurdities going on in the name job placement.  The Marine Corps was calling him back at age 38, asking him if he wanted to re-enlist….some agency was asking if he wanted to be a police office in Dade County, Florida….But my dad opened his own white collar professional services shop, and I think by 1985 had a year were he had to book $140k on his W2.  Lotta money back then, but we weren’t living that way.  If I recall right he had to then make a $40k tax payment to the feds, and had to refi the house to do it.


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