What’s the chance….73 year old reserve officer

And another…. http://www.vox.com/2015/4/12/8395457/eric-harris-police-shooting  Maybe the conclusion is going to be obvious to everyone, but it’s kinda penny wise pound foolish to have a 73 year old reserve officer working your sting.

The Wannemacher gun show is in Tulsa, they do it twice a year, April and November.  Humongous show, a national draw for advanced consumers in this milieu, nothing like it.  I went to the Nov 2012 show.  Spent the weekend, and at one point was at Drysdale’s, a western wear shop.  They had a lot of rhinestone jewelry, and the other thing was, Carhartt jackets of all things are apparently popular with street kids, at least in Tulsa.  Apparently Tulsa’s young people trying to walk out without paying for these jackets had gotten to be kind of a thing.

This store’s loss prevention regime was overt and visible, though I guess really it would have been on par to here as far as it goes, with the magnety / scanny chute things you walk through at the door.  But there was also a guy there, ready to grab anyone who was to make a run for it with unpaid items.  And this guy was very old….  My traveling companion / show mate was the guy who got to talking to him…  I don’t recall his age at the time exactly… except 71, 72, 73….those are all in the ball park.  I think he said he was 71.

With us… middle aged white guys… he was pretty jocular.  Told us the this, the that, that he had done regular law enforcement, that he had a snubby in his fanny pack….  He was in good health and fairly imposing…. a true 6’ 2 or 6’ 3…. but pretty darn gangly at that age and I didn’t have any illusion that a small teenager wouldn’t be a handful for him.

Same guy?  Some likelihood it is the guy I encountered, I’d say.

Update:  nevermind, that’s not the guy  http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/04/12/was-tulsa-shooter-a-pay-to-play-cop.html


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