Jots with dots 4/13

A review of HBOnow – As I say, wanted to watch Game of Thrones, but my phone/cable/internet bill is $85/mo currently (which is mostly internet)  and didn’t want to step up to about $200 to get a cable tier with HBO.  So HBOnow is out, but it’s only on Apple IOS as a function of an exclusive marketing agreement that will last for a few months.   Great, but we only have the phones… don’t have a pad or AppleTV and don’t have a desire right now for either.  No biggie.  Got the HDMI to 5 pin lightning adapter to put the phone stream on a TV.  It worked like… a charm.  And I’m kinda surprised at the whole thing.  GoT is a pretty valuable property, and cable in general is the kind of thing that people like well enough to contemplate kinda crazy schemes.  HBOnow is $14.99 right, but they give you the first month free… I haven’t even incurred a charge yet…they are really trying to get new people hooked rather than soak their vulnerable GoT addicts.

Having gone this way, we won’t be getting cable, and I will be without baseball for this summer.   And I’m actually to be without radio too, as I always have been in this house, which is not really far from the downtowns and their radio towers.  But we are behind a seemingly gentle bluff with the vertical difference preventing us from getting a FM or AM signals  Streaming merely the radio signal would be a solution, but, for some business reason that I can’t fathom the Twins / MLB will not put a live audio feed of the game on the Go 96 stream.  I mean really people, what’s the difference?

I coulda got like 5 hits in this game.  At the age I’m at now.  Thing that happened, obviously, is the game got crazy and both teams ended up with guys on the mound who are not actually pitchers.

I’ll go contrarian on Slager for a moment.  Fair to say the video reveals a felonious homicide, because he shot him in the back as he fled.  That’s open and shut.  To what degree might actually be of question.  It’s within the realm of possibility that Scott the suspect provoked the fight, and arguable that Slager acted on a heat of the moment impulse that might not equate to 30 yrs / life / or the death penalty.  Something smaller, manslaughter, like 6-7 years in the slam.  Or 3.  And the Taser drop might be explained away as a non-event, depending on what he filed in his original police report.  That’s why we have trials.  But if he’s to benefit from a generous interpretation of events, it will be hard to get it in this environment…  Is this a tipping point?  It might be.  I think what ought to be understood by implication… just as we know dark matter and relativity by implication…. is that police are being trained to end confrontations with their sidearms somewhat irrespective of necessity, that they have great leeway to tart up police reports with whatever malfeasance not going explored by county and municipal prosecutors.  Yeah, the ubiquitous presence of cell phone camera and the imperative to turn them on around police is going to change how police act.

Yeah, I can sense that….  I’m not a historian, but I always got A’s in history, for one reason or another I have always soaked it up and committed it to deep memory.  It’s true, in the popular history I was taught the Grant Presidency was described as irredeemably flawed.  T-Coates is also re-arguing this recently. I like Grant for being a late bloomer.

Eye on Scandinavia: I was listening to MPR on 4/10, which noted it was the 75th anniversary of the German invasion of Norway.  That must have sucked.  I’m of the mind the Swedes were a bit supine during the war, in which they pledged ambivalence and didn’t get occupied.  The Norwegians must have been spirited and unruly, sorta like I see them in my mind’s eye, as the Germans seemed to think it was necessary to keep 400,000 men up there for 5 years.  That’s a lot of guys.


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