Jots with dots 4/9

How is Michael Slager’s gofundme campaign going?  I wondered this yesterday.

Scott’s family remarked how Slager looked on video like how was going about the unremarkable business of bringing down a deer.  That’s not a bad juxtaposition.  Slave catcher is another.

On the subject of the police, I can be perhaps oddly presumptive for a middle aged white guy who’s never been arrested.  And this is presumption is specious for a number of reasons; it’s at odds with a wisdom that says most people are normal, at odds with a notion people aren’t irredeemable, at odds with a notion people aren’t defined by their worst moments… this all includes cops, right?  I tell ya though, it’s fairly seldom there’s anecdotes introduced to contradict a notion that people who gravitate to this work don’t consistently have serious character deficiencies.  This guy…

Presumably, he’s never shot anyone in the line of duty before.  If you’re moved to wonder how he can be so ready to plant evidence and tart up a police report that justifies an unjustifiable shooting having never been through that, I think the answer is, you prep for that by committing a couple thousand more mundane abuses of process and authority against the public in your preceding time on the job.  When the time comes for your big day, you’re ready.

I don’t know that I ever was one of these profiling denialists, but it might be fair to say that I went from ambivalence to acceptance of profiling as real and corrosive some time back.  Consistent with my other libertine thinking, I do think these investigatory stops justified by insincere technical pretenses are BA-LONEY.  Stop doing that.  Ya know, yeah, we’re all law and order in the USA for sure, but I don’t think the public ever gave any kind of acquiescence that might allow the taillight stops etc.  Such that there’s obvious profiling, stop allowing stops for those [bogus] justifications.  I’m trying to recall when’s the last time I got pulled over as a middle class white dude that drives a conventional car.  I think it was 2010 or so, for speeding on I-94.  I don’t think he ticketed me.

I take it seriously that Rand may not win the nomination, but such that some of the righty scolds and lefty dismissers downplay his chances….he has authentic ways of appealing to most pieces of the R coalition.  This seemed to have burnished his esteem in several quarters yesterday…

Peak oil:  I got news for ye.  We’re going to find it’s all over the place, and we’ll find ways to get at the stuff that seems hard to reach.

Not a handsome devil: Mary Lucia’s stalker  Ya wonder if there’s not an overreaction here.  And granted, maybe there’s not.  He was told to stop, he didn’t, and that’s unsettling.  The fella there is obviously mentally ill though… and probably really lonely… which is kinda reinforced by virtue of a feedback loop in which his lack of interpersonal and physical appeal causes more loneliness and social isolation.  It’s just to say, people dismiss the guy as a ‘creep’ while the explanation is a bit more nuanced.  Shouldn’t this be justification to redistribute interpersonal contact here btw, that the physically challenged and unattractive are getting left out?  It’s not fair, truly.  And if there’s not a redistributive social welfare answer here, ya figure the market does have an answer… legalized prostitution.

The Twins way:  Twins GM Terry Ryan signed Nolasco two years ago, 4yrs/48m.  You look at this today, there is some possibility they may not get 15 wins out of Nolasco for the entirety of these 4 seasons.  Ryan is supposed to be one of these wise old heads.  He did sign Phil Hughes also I guess….


One thought on “Jots with dots 4/9

  1. pm1956

    Cops: you and i are largely on the same page here–yeah, the police deserve some benefit of the doubt, because it is a tough job, but…things have gone too far, and there is clear evidence of police abuse of their authority. that needs to stop. police need to recognize that they are first and foremost public employees, and that their job is to serve the public, not to prey on the public. If the public does not have confidence in the police, it is often because the police have abused the public, taken liberties that they should not have (i am talking petty abuse here, for the most part–the kind of stuff that would not happen if the police really did respect the public). And i think that you are also right that something like this murder had lots of little antecedents.

    Peak oil: again, i agree with your main point– we will not run out, instead we will adjust.

    Stalkers: they are, for the most part, pretty pathetic people. I think back to John Hinckley Jr. who shot Reagan to impress Jodie Foster. Scary, yes, but also pathetic. Oh, and i am all in favor of legalized prostitution, as well as legalizing most/many drugs. (and, to connect the dots, I think that the War on Drugs has been one of the causes of our current crisis with the police)


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