Jots with dots 4/8

Here we go again.

And it’s going to be ‘here we go again’ until the nature of the adjudication for these things changes enough to make police modify their behavior.   I’ve argued this quite a few times in the last year: yeah, it’s the racism, but moreso it’s the lying without consequence

So, what if it wasn’t filmed?  In that event, the county prosecutor there probably would have assumed the truthfulness of the officer’s police report.  With the officer saying there was a scuffle in which he feared for his safety, the prosecutor would have called it a justifiable shooting and not brought a bill for murder.

I think this is a good question, at least in this case  My parents moved us from St. Paul to the St. Croix valley in 1979, and all the sudden we were around all these prosperous 3M families and prosperous Andersen families.  The Andersen families benefited from yearly profit sharing checks, and there were a lot of new toys bought at that time.  You matriculate to adulthood and come to understand what’s what…those 3M jobs were better, those Andersen factory workers really weren’t getting all that much though I think you still encounter recent-ish retirees with great pensions.  Re subsidies:  I guess we’re assuming Minnesota labor is at least mildly anti-competitive in its price if you want to build durable goods.  How long is labor price going to be a factor there?  We must be getting to the point where windows come off a highly automated line.    Andersen is both extraordinarily anti-union and hard to get fired for cause from btw what with a benevolent taskmaster ethic that seems to remain.

Social Security:  Seems to me a 3rd option is borrow / print a lot of money and then diminish that debt with inflation over a generation.  I dunno, but this stopped troubling me.  When am I going to retire, 2040?  I bet there will still be SS then, despite what people predict of a troubled future.

Freaky tech: Re multiple key authentications, I guess.  I have a Fedex shipper account, and I’m merely enrolling in some delivery management options.  In authenticating me, they ask for confirmation among multiple choices, where I live, where my father lives, and …. how tall I am.  My father has moved in the last year… I don’t know how it is they offer me a selection that is accurate, but they do, I don’t know how  the familial relationship is provided to Fedex as data… or whoever… you figure this little piece of software might be a sub-contracted plugin on the websight.  It’s a very odd thing though…


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