The deuce – 4/7

Check the TV guide to see what time my program is on….we enroll in expanded cable this time each year, cuz baseball and Game of Thrones.  Then drop it 6 months later when we’ve seen what we want to see and become tired of the bill.  I guess usually there is a Comcast promotion to take that mitigates the sticker shock, but I’m looking now, and it seems like I’d have to get up to about $200/mo to have a tier with HBO (with phone and internet).  Good grief. I guess I have the money, but I can’t make myself do it.  But we got to see Game of Thrones, so I just ordered the 5 pin ‘lightning’ to HDMI dongle for the iPhone.  I think we’ll get the $14.99/mo HBONow and mirror the stream off an iPhone as I don’t have one of their iPads and don’t want to get an AppleTV streamer.  We have Rokus and the apps on the Xbox, don’t need more and don’t have spare TVs to put them on.

Swatting:  It’s not at all cool that it happened, but the other question is… did the coppers restrain themselves from busting in, breaking a bunch of stuff, and assaulting everyone.  Cuz that’s usually the first order of business, regardless.

Fare Dodgers.  To build it without turnstiles in the first place speaks to a certain obtuseness, naïveté or political correctness….  And I do imagine the fare evasion exceeds the 10% they think it is.  I’m actually not bugged by underclass types flouting and getting a free ride though.  Ought to be thought of as the cost of doing business.  That’s the reality, along with the reality this thing is never self-funding.  So don’t be delusional and have that be the basis for getting onerous with turnstiles and fare cops at this point.

Rolling Stone…  There are some smart liberals around who are willing to make something of a contrarian acknowledgement that lefty confirmation bias was at work here.  I’m not sure anyone, right or left, has honed in on what the point of that might have been.  IE, how does a sensational rape story further progressive ambitions…  I dunno, I guess if you can establish a notion of injustice, you can use it to argue for a redistribution of privilege/money/justice.  Just like anything else.


One thought on “The deuce – 4/7

  1. pm1956

    UVA rape case:
    Clearly there was a failure of some sort, and far too many people defended the story because they believed in a cause. Now they have weakened the cause, damaged its credibility. there is always a role for skepticism, even about good things. I think that Chait, again, shows that he is a proper skeptic (not always, of course, but more often than most).

    Swatting: you know, maybe this would make police departments a little bit less gung ho about deploying swat teams…probably wishful thinking on my part.

    Comcast: i wish I could find a good alternative. Frankly, i hate TV, in general. I try to spend as little time as possible in front of it. But I like my high speed internet.


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