Jots with dots – 4/7

Rand: I like him. Ya know I think he could be the guy that catches lightning in a bottle.  If not, it will be one of the other guys….  Those scolds and curls at Powerline have never liked Rand:

In which I diminish some accomplished woman in the news by uncouthly commenting on her superficial appearance:  She’s good looking, pretty.

California water:  Kinda interested in reading about this wherever it appears.  It’s what, a complete duality?  One side argues for naturalism and conservation, the other for water projects.  I’m for water projects… and proper pricing.   What happened to desalinization, I thought that was promising, the price was coming down?  Maybe not enough for ag, but for the urban supply in southern California and the bay.

This is dumb:  I could write paragraphs on this, as some gun people will… but you end up getting trolled by stupidity.  Not too dumb for a certain stripe of Dem though, including Keith Ellison.

Outrage du jour:  I would imagine he made a mistake, checked the wrong box.  One the 4473, when you buy a gun at a retail dealer, there’s a boxes asking if you are white or Hispanic / Latino, or vaguely something else (not white, not Hispanic…) Its goofy, and as that question is not disqualifying for the background check, you try to spend a second reading the text and then check the proper box.  Which I imagine was something akin to Jeb’s attitude.


One thought on “Jots with dots – 4/7

  1. pm1956

    Maybe i have mentioned it, but Rand is the one person on the GOP side so far I might be willing to vote for. There is a lot about his positions I would disagree with, but he is at least not a formulaic republican, and things need to be shaken up from time to time. He is clearly the best thing to happen to the GOP in a long time. I hate these cookie cutter Neo Conservative Netanyahu supporters.


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