Jots with dots – opening day edition

New Twin Ervin Santana was busted for steroids, which gives me the opportunity to go counter intuitive there.  Being an advanced (albeit amateur) baseball guy in the embrace of libertarianism, I have a hard time figuring out what’s objectionable about steroids.  They make for more talented players and a more athletically exquisite game.

I guess the objection is one of fairness married to distaste for the synthetic.  The ‘level playing field’ we desire where everyone is limited to weight training and rounds at the batting cage is just becuz… just becuz that’s the way it’s always been, that’s where the social consensus is that makes for the norm that makes for the rules…  But there’s not any rational reason for that.  Its tradition, which is sentimentality.   If you want to have a league where everyone could do steroids, that would be fair.  And the distaste for the in-organic nature of the supplements is kinda a mere value judgment, certainly if they can be used safely.  We used to hear how damaging steroids were and there were some poster children for that – Lyle Alzado and a couple others…. But figure there is potential that they can be taken safely.  What’s the objection then?

As I write this the Twins are going to lose 4-0 to David Price and the Tigers.  He is good, but the effort seems was supine.  5 hits or something.  Cmon.

Goodness, there are actually naysayers on how this thing looks  The developer guy quoted is a know nothing I have to imagine.  I pass it everyday, and I know what I know.  A, its brilliant, B, I can’t envision an alternative design.  Lady designer I see, good for her.


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