Peak outrage: gay wedding pizzas. 

Observations in no special order…

I allude here often that the left would be more persuasive if it was less obnoxious, ie, and quit impressing themselves by repeating faux ironies they see on the Daily Show.  It’s an operative that could / should apply to the right also.  The GOP could use to be more warm and cuddly.  I’m trying to think of some words…. compassionate… comes to mind… while being…. conservative.  Hey now those might go together!

The right trying to pick a fight with the gays is like the left trying to pick a fight with the NRA.  A losing proposition.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing in either case. That’s me, pro-gun, pro-gay

I heard Pence on Hannity the other day… ya know, merely because when I get in the car at 4:xx pm the station is still on KTLK before I switch to Reusse.  I’m persuaded that RFRA in Indiana isn’t to be statutorily more exotic than RFRA anywhere else, that you put this law in to create a scrutiny standard for your cases…. Whatever.  There are practical reasons for the law, and it’s not exotic, been done other places in the past.  Not least of which, nationally, where a lot of Democrats voted for it.  But I have no delusions about that being a persuasive argument since things have changed so much in the last 4 years.  Go back to paragraph 1: don’t pick culture war fights GOP.

Expecting / demanding a guarantee for consistent application of law is kind of child-like and obtuse.  Consistency being the hobgoblin of small minds and all, which is true, you end up holding the world to a standard it isn’t governed by.  You’re gonna be disappointed.  But ya know, I think it’s still an important question, does the halal butcher shop get a prosecutorial smackdown when someone trolls them with a job to butcher pork.  I think not, and I think that’s a problem.

On to standards the world is governed by….. one is, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.  That doesn’t mean candor and honesty isn’t a grand thing, but we’re talking the public face of a commercial enterprise here.  It shouldn’t have a publicly articulated position on gay weddings.  Now ya figure the store worker there got trolled by a duplicitous journalist, but these rube shop proprietors would do well to understand that not every question is owed an answer.

To the extent they think they’re obligated to answer, its cuz, you know, they’re being asked about being ‘Christian’.  And you’re obligated to not deny like Apostle Peter, amirite.  I think that’s a bit of a child-like operative there, one that exists only without contemplation of the 21st century.

I am Christian, but I’m Catholic.  And my sense is, Protestant Christians use the ‘Christian’ label more than we do.  Ya know, and I might be wrong, but when I see people invoking their Christian card I get the sense we’re talking Protestants, and that can be further limited to the more evangelical ones.  This is my preface to an observation:  I got no reference point for the anti-gay abhorrence of the more fundamentalist Christians.   I had a biblical education… and, yes, the Catholics have had a problem with gayness, fair to say to even to this day…  But I would say that reflects more a generalized view of sin and the Vatican getting to define sin.  But when you ask the ‘Christians’ what their beef is, it’s the ‘sin’ right?  The man lie with man thing, plus a visceral revulsion to the… ya know… sodomy.  Fair to say I’m somewhat secularized…. And I didn’t pay a lot of attention to my religious training while I was getting it….  But among the fire and brimstone stuff we were advised of, I just don’t think the catechists I had dwealt on the gay.

All that noted, the proprietors of this Pizza Shop with their child-like naiveté can’t reopen now to ply their trade what with the left’s prole mob descending to make hundreds of death threats and 5000 negative Yelp reviews.  Re ‘civility’, the right doesn’t do that, I guess primarily because we don’t have a prole mob.  Same reason we don’t protest, we work.


2 thoughts on “Peak outrage: gay wedding pizzas. 

  1. pm1956

    smugness is never very attractive.

    First, the cyber bullying of the pizza place is something that I think can more usefully be attributed to youth rather than left. Yelp “bombing” is something that kids do nowadays to those who are hopelessly out of it–and, frankly, the divide over issues like gays really is based on age more than anything else. To the extent that the GOP continues to make gay marriage an issue is a demonstration of the dominance of the GOP by angry old white people. Even young republicans think this is a foolish issue.

    And of course the right does stuff that is much worse than this. To help you with your short attention span and rather large blind spot, you might want to review this incident:

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      I have kept up with that story as it’s unfolded. And you get the feeling, what, MO Republicans are like they are here. Very personally unappealing. It’s kind of a thing.

      Yeah, I know. Personally I have a lot of dissonance being sympathetic with a political movement full of people I would not hang around with. And I don’t.


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