Jots with dots 4/1

Outrage du jour. Ya know, I’m torn. We’re pro-gay here at Zingy, and also, pro not having prosecutors with lots of ambiguous prosecutorial powers. It does appear the lefties are a little overboard in their self-righteousness. But while the righties are typically tone deaf. Ugh..

Conservative outrage du jour See, he’s making the argument it’s a noble lie, and that Democrats get to do that…. See, I think that’s BS. I just don’t think it can be argued that under any scenario Republicans are so bad for the country that it’s OK to lie so that the 500 year, inch by inch march to progressive utopia can be maintained without setback. That’s not an overstatement right, that’s the operative right?

Yeah, everyone else is walking away. It’s the rube who stays, who has to have the deal. We’re the rubes. Not impressive.

You get the feeling they got one paralegal in the bowels of the DOJ earning $18.75 working on this. It could be going a lot faster, ya figure. Where I have progressive inclinations, the President disappoints. This is a very institutional man.

Public employees and their ebay side businesses – This is going to be a new tag here at Zingy, and I’m sure I’ll get to use it several times a year We just rewatched The Wire. And actually, Lester Freamon is just as charismatic as Omar, though he doesn’t get as much mention. In the beginning, season 1, Lester has a side business making doll house furniture that he sells on ebay. And he builds this doll house furniture at his job, sitting at the station, because he’s not given any real work to do because he embarrassed a superior in years past. And…I have an acquaintance who works in HR for a state agency. She told us these stories some years ago by now, but she could basically only fire people for watching porn and running ebay businesses on the job… and she always had people to fire…. So I don’t know what it is, but this is a thing, a trope, or should be…. the public employee with their ebay side businesses. Only because, I think, the public employees are at greater risk of getting into noteworthy trouble and arising to media attention. Fact is, a lot of people have side businesses. I do. It’s necessary. You have a w2 job to pay regular expenses, but that only goes so far. Shit is expensive. In a world we’re everyone is socially obligated to spend $2500 on Christmas, go to Mexico in the late winter and another family vacation in the summer, you need something to fill in the gaps. Side business. Anyway, Zheng, the professor…. Makes $70k at SCSU. Stands to reason, that’s barely better than Scott Nienow income. Not enough, can’t run a household on that. I did figure professors at a state U would make more. New word: “libation cup”. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know why I’d want to drink from one made of ivory. Ya get the feeling it’s like a pimp cup though eh.


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