Jots with dots 3/31

Word of the week: Hegemony

Stylebook: This cast a pall over yesterday. Figure, the police and press unwillingness to use the word ‘suicide’ might be explainable, as that’s ostensibly a judgment reserved for the coroner’s office, and they haven’t weighed in here. It is curious I think that ‘entering the river’ is the phrase used to avoid saying ‘leapt off the bridge’. I don’t know who is being protected, and if it’s that important they be protected…. It seems infantile. Tangentially related:

I said that: Over 65 is too old, without many exceptions. The energy and appearance of engagement just seem lacking among all these older pols you see. I did hear Jerry Brown the other night, and there was nothing halting or elderly about his speech at all.

I agree with this seemingly counterintuitive notion: Ameliorating income inequality requires radical change in taxation policy. Ya know, the Pres. probably desires to have more progressive taxes but he can’t get that. But he’s not a poseur. Hillary Clinton’s insincerity is ocean’s deep however, and ya wonder if an institutional candidate like that doesn’t resurrect the Naderite wing, which has been acquiescent in the Obama years.


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