jots with dots 3/27

Newsworthy: Fitting. I’ve used the word anachronism a few times this week. He’s an anachronism. Powerline likes to have some fun with the idea Reid’s eye thing was not an “accident”. Ya know those exercise springs superficially resemble those springs on a garage door, they are THAT big just about. I encountered a guy once who had a mishap with one of those garage springs he was working on, it almost took his head off.

Liberal outrage du jour: Indiana calling Ya know the movie Footloose was set in Indiana? And it’s a cultural touchstone, that caricaturizes the social right, caricaturizes it even somewhat charitably at times…. Ya know, I’d like to be able to split the baby here. The fundies should get over some of their anachronistic biblically anchored sexual hangups. But yeah, there is ostensibly freedom of association, and you don’t want to see people prosecuted for exercising that. Hence the purpose of the law, but this law is obviously also one of these provocative bits of gamesmanship….

Gehar gehar gehar: Yea, that’s a good one, such cleverness and seriousness there.

I agree with this seemingly counterintuitive notion: Not a coward. But…. Ya know some people think there’s wisdom in doing the counterintuitive thing, they talk themselves into it… He shouldn’t have joined the army, he wasn’t suitable for it, and that was probably obvious to most. I don’t think he should be sent to prison. Discharge him and be done with it.

The trope is what, that vets can’t talk about their wars, they got it all bottled up. I’m sure that’s true to a point, but it helps to ask a sufficiently narrow question rather than ‘what was the war like’ and ‘did you kill anybody’. I know my dad’s story reasonably well, put the bits and pieces together over 40 years and committed it to memory. In light of Brian Williams, on St. Patrick’s day dinner with my family I was moved to ask my dad if he ever had a hard landing in a helicopter in 1966, or if he’d been out in the sticks and had to huddle around one overnight that’d been disabled. He said no, no actual chopper problems…. but what he said would happen…. And that they “did not like” [understatement] …. Is they’d be taken out in the morning by helicopter, walk around all day, walk through a village in the late afternoon and be instructed to do a weapons sweep… They’d do it and think it was clear or clean, then be walking back to the helicopter pickup spot about 5pm when VC guerillas or irregulars or whatever would materialize and start shooting at them. Musta happened more than once. Ironically, since that dinner I saw a very brief reference to Lt. William Calley, who with his village mass murders was consistently understood as deranged / psychotic in his way, right.. When did that happen… 1969 I see. Ya know, Calley was barbaric, for sure…. But I’d bet it’s also the mental dead end someone, somewhere in that theatre was to inevitably reach what with the anxiety and paranoia that had developed over those village encounters the first several years of the Vietnam war….. Then I asked my ma if it was really cool to go to a Big Ten school in the late 60’s. She said not as cool for her, as she lived at home. She did say during the 6 Day War the Jewish students would sing hava nagila in the union, and that it was electrifying. And she said after Kent State there was a student strike, and the administration did cancel the remainder of the semester, and you could take the grade you were getting at the time.


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