Jots with dots March 25

I’m sure everything he knows, he learned on SHS’ model UN team. Kind of a big deal eh, him and his statement. Now he was 88, I was 87, and I don’t recall ever having a conversation with him, but I’d bet my house I was in the same room with him on multiple occasions. I have some awe where’s he’s at now. Now ya know, in town I think that bunch, the McDghs as a whole, were / are rightfully known as very bright, high achievers, and super cordial. Great people all around. And ya think, stands to reason, there are families like that, several in every town….supremely structured and organized, on the ball, affluent, devout… and America’s best and brightest have a way of coming from those environs. …I don’t have any sense the McDghs were like that, cept for the devout part. With the 11 kids in something like a throwback Irish households…. chaotic is what I understand is close to the right word, from people who know. I hope I’m not speaking out of turn… but.. oh yea, I only have 4 readers. Anywho, they’re neat, the two brothers I have encountered have a lot of personal grace.

D was fairly explicit with his statement in ways I haven’t heard from the American govt. IE, relinquish the west bank. And I can see the sense in that. It would be an enormous gesture, and Israel has the power to do it without a consequence to their safety, really. I do question the wisdom of ‘settlers’ to the west bank in the first place. And I don’t know when that happened, cept to say I guess since 1967. But in modernity here we think of property in terms of title, and the Israeli powers that be had to know how provocative it might be to allow “settlers” to traipse in and chart off land that ostensibly was titled to somebody or some entity….It’s a problem, so make it not a problem.

Ya know, the whole idea of “settlements” in the old world seems a bit anachronistic. Also, it’s a bit jarring to understand we’re talking about a land space that’s the size of the corridor from here to St. Cloud say. I was looking at the “land” such as it is. And in my mind’s eye I see sand, a few date palms, and some intermittent olive trees. But if anyone’s going to settle, down by Eliat seems to be the logical spot. It’s sort of out of the way and with some space available. And next to the sea. Put some people there, make it into a world class city.

They’re such musical people…. I said this before, I continue to be astonished at the virtuoso guitar playing that goes on in mediocre country music…. But I’m not generally a country fan. It’s hokey. Bro-country is worse. I kinda like… Taylor Swift… who does seem to take her craft seriously. I’m so ashamed…

Liberal outrage dujour. I think this is the mundane expressed as the mendacious. Didn’t Dayton’s campaign run on the donations of one big benefactor? False equivalence? I like Menards. I bought a $29 Chinese sawzall there on Sat. I may regret that, that “Aristocrat” brand has sucked. But I don’t need one often.

I agree with this counterintuitive observation. Yea, if his money wasn’t impounded with the proper paperwork filed… Sorry, this stuff can’t be implicit or an afterthought.


One thought on “Jots with dots March 25

  1. pm1956

    See, that is the thing thatnetanyahu doesn’t want to do–give up the west bank. problem is that he has an interest group that is central to his electoral coalition that is fixated on more and more settlements in the west bank. And there are some evangelical christians who also want Israel to be restored to its biblical boundaries, so that the end times can come about. It is a weird coalition, but they do not want Israel to give up the West Bank. But there can’t be peace without that. And Netanyahu has not been honest, and Obama is calling him on it.

    We are spending huge amounts of money on Israels security and economy, and the biggest long term threat to Israels security is the Israeli occupation of the West Bank…which we are basically paying for (through our security guarantee to Israel). This is a silly situation, and we are perfectly within our rights to ask Netanyahu to act in accordance with international agreements to give up the West Bank. Except he continues to play games, and he gets the GOp to enable him to play these games….


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