Jots with dots March 24

Why not? I think it’s because the police state required to enforce utopianism negates the egalitarian utopian qualities of whatever you end up with. Quite the paradox. Ya know, righties have anxiety about society’s leftward drift while lefties pine for it…. I think the truth is, with the stable reproductive demographics of modernity here, the manpower required to enforce a tax code and sharing economy of the lefts dreams never materializes.

Related: I reject the premise: Not being thoroughly academic about it, I just look at it like capitalism is the private title of the means of production and broad freedom to engage in commerce. But the subtext of this article and many like it since 2008 is that we need an economic method not subject to booms and busts. It’s not obvious to me why that’s a valid premise, capitalism is not disqualified by the presence / existence of booms and busts. Booms and busts, ie “cycles” exist outside of capitalism. Nor does it stand that “Lehman” or “AIG” are shorthand for capitalisms failure. You had a securitized market for mortgage notes, and it was grossly distorted by the government’s participation. Some people could discern this and bought bond insurance from … Lehman and AIG. . Hayekian knowledge thing, on both ends. Those securitized pools underperforming when people default is not a defect of capitalism. People buying bond insurance is not a defect of capitalism. Lehman and AIGs inability to pay during a deep downturn is not a defect of capitalism.

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…: See, thing is I’m sure if this union didn’t have the power to torpedo Sunday growler sales, income inequality in this state would be that much worse…. Thing at the end catches my eye. What’s the purpose of a “barrel limit” that necessitates reporting that figure to some bureau to distinguish between large and small brewers?

I don’t know why I am not to believe this…


2 thoughts on “Jots with dots March 24

  1. pm1956


    well, maybe you shouldn’t believe it because it is a distortion of reality? Look, if you want to always blame everything on Obama, sure, go ahead. But netanyahu has been prime minister before Obama came into office, and was obstructing the peace process for a long time before that. Bottom line is that Netanyahu needs the votes of the settlers who demand more settlements on the occupied territories, and those will have to go if there is ever going to be a two state solution (which has been the stated policy of the US under Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama…..). Netanyahu has always been supportive of more settlements, and has continued to increase settlemnts all of the time that he has been Prime Minister, thumbing his nose at the US, paying lip service while blaming the other side. Of course, the Palestinians have given him plenty of excuses, but netanyahu has been happy to blame the PLO for Hamas actions while knowing full well that the PLo has no control over HAmas, and that Hamas has deliberately tried to undermine the PLO. And he has done the same thing to Hamas, blaming them for the actions of other radicals–all so that he can cynically expand the settlements and undermine the 2 state solution. He has never had an interest in peace–he has never thought that far ahead.

    but, hey, believe what you want…and it is always easier to blame obama, isn’t it?

    supposedly capitalism is efficient. Booms and busts are not very efficient. Does the necessary existence of booms and busts undermine the efficiency argument of capitalism? Maybe. The lack of efficiency was the main cause of the collapse of communism, tright? markets are supposed to be efficient–except maybe not, because of booms and busts. That is also supposed to be the role of government, to prevent booms and busts by managing the economy (monetary policy, interest rates, the Fed, etc.)

    Mark Bittman should have stuck to writing about food. in any event, change is inevitable, and while I like the idea of progress, progress is not inevitable, even if change is. my guess is that there have been more police states created to prevent change (Czarist Russia, Austro-Hungary, just about every absolute monarchy ever) than there have been created to create utopias (Soviet union, Communist China).

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      Blame is certainly not my word, I don’t “blame”. Really, just reading and contemplating, as I say, I am something of dilettante here. I’m sympathetic to right wing punditry, right? But I don’t want to get suckered. But the idea of Netanyahu being exactly as caricatured, that seems fishy to me. What I do reject is an argument that there’s not enough deference to Obama’s vision here. There’s to be pushback, that’s just the way it is….

      Efficiency – yes, fair to say superior efficiency is argued about capitalism. I don’t think the occasional boom and bust obviates that.


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