Jots with dots March 23

I don’t know that it compromises Rand so much as they think …. 1. We’re not assured Ted is all that libertarian-y 2. Rand is more appealing / Cruz carries a bit more baggage for being obnoxious. 3. Cruz is odd looking, has helmet hair of a sort. Not a handsome devil. Related: Do you ever really get the perfect candidate though?

I do have some sense this is a thing, just by what I hear on the radio. My view: the defense budget is pretty rich now, just by what I observe of the ecosystem as a whole through my relations in the services. Big support system for service members.

I agree with this seemingly counterintuitive observation

This is about as hyperbolic as anything Katherine Kersten wrote on the topic. Which is to say, it’s not. But it’s the type of story the Strib can’t do on their own turf because a chorus of too earnest by half local ethics in journalists types cry racism. Or ya know, worse, a chorus of wise ass journalist poseurs. Stylebook: I find the reference to “Somali elders” infantilizing, patronizing, and anachronistic.


One thought on “Jots with dots March 23

  1. pm1956

    I agree with you–I think that Cruz and Paul appeal to largely different groups: Cruz to the religious fundamentalists, and i don’t think that Rand Paul has that much support there.

    This was an interesting article about Cruz:

    Some of Ron Paul’s supporters certainly follow in that “paranoid” style (in that they believe in all sorts of kooky conspiracy theories), but they tend to be more focused on international money elites (bilderburgers, Trilateralists, etc.). It is a different sort of Armageddon. And Rand seems to me to be more rational than his father (and much more rational that Ted Cruz’s father!)


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