The deuce, March 20

Doesn’t seem like a lot: I had to swap out two cards. I think that inconvenience is worth say two household bi-monthly Target trips, IE, $300 bucks. Somehow I think we’ll get less. Like $3.

One of my core, spiritual principles is ‘people are people.’ But still, you can’t help but contemplate ethnic stereotypes at times. And this perplexes me: Huckleberry Swede from Minnesota goes to CA and bilks worldly Silicon Valley financial officer types. It’s oddball. I just don’t see the gregariousness and charisma among Swedes that is required of effective grifters, Coen’s ‘Fargo’ be damned. Read the article, there’s your crime with a silencer equipped pistol as well, the only one I have ever heard of. But I do imagine the guy was ostensibly using it to shoot pests in his vineyard, inasmuch as he thought he was actually operating a real winery. I was looking at the bay area yesterday on Google maps. I have mentioned: my side business is accoutrements for cowboy action revolvers. Every year I get a couple spring orders from Menlo Park or Livermore. Yesterday it was Livermore. What was the western set in the Central Valley? Oh yeah… The Big Valley.

This is a good question because it’s an awful movie, perhaps the worst I have ever seen.

Backfire…Blowback… reacharound…whatever. Was he fired? If you accept the premise that the bureau there does necessary work I think you can be its boss and become terribly frustrated by the structural constraints that gun politics impose. And if you’re Jones, then moving on to a private sector job that pays better and is not a pita would be perfectly logical. In days prior I had warned that green tips was politically perilous to the point of stupidity, and that the limits of activist douchebag government apparatchik ism were being dangerously exceeded here with smackdown imminent. I was not hyperbolic enough. The gun control cause was very damaged by this (..which don’t bother me). Jones is whom to blame for it. This was an unambiguous political defeat for which he was fired.


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