Jots with dots March 20

CSI: Western Wisconsin Thing to understand generally is that western Favresconsin has kind of an Appalachian feel. By Appalachian, I mean “hillbilly”. I didn’t know there was a Frito Lay plant in Roberts, but it stands to reason. See prior sentences. The maglight thing mystifies me, but ya know what? There’s a fairly intellectual discussion going on nationally the last couple days about the end of marriage and two parent families etc. I figure these guys are not married. A married man wouldn’t be building bombs out of maglights, a foot would come down on that shit. Is that society’s fault that the middle class norm of marriage has been made unattainable for dunderheads, leaving their dunderheadedness unchecked? Or is the dunderheadism here with the guys disqualify their potential for marriage in any case…..

You could even call them “-re-education” camps, amirite?

Dilletante world affairs….K, that comment was valuable yesterday…to me. The problem is the Palestinians. You’re not really moving toward a potential for peace if you don’t give them a country, give the west bank back. People want a country. Moving on….I think I reject this premise, I don’t see the Netanyahu milieu as 180 degrees removed from small L liberalism. It’s still a democracy, and Arabs have rights within Israel. That’s what the righties here say, anyway. Apartheid seems too strong a word, but like I say… I’m a dilettante; the quality of my observation is questionable. As wisdom, I do figure you can hardly ever go wrong taking Israel’s side.

I am ready for some baseball. I was moved look up Herb Score’s numbers yesterday. The conversational touchstone is that he was one of the great might-have-beens whose career was ended a liner back to the mound that broke his eye socket (in 1957). And I was aware he had a 20 victory season, but did not recall the nature of his domination in his two good years. You look at his stats….more than a strikeout an inning, historically low hits given up for a time, along with a couple truckloads of walks… that must have been Ryan / Koufax type speed. Which is also to say, the max effort 95-100 mph fastball has been in the game a long time, although I would venture not ‘forever’. My bet is Bob Feller sorta made that style stick finally in the 40’s.


One thought on “Jots with dots March 20

  1. pm1956

    just to follow up on Israel….that was a good article, and i agree with it. But it was not strong enough. Many American jews are fooling themselves about their relationship with Israel–in addition to the obvious points from that article, many American Jews are not considered religiously Jewish under the laws of Israel–because they are not Orthodox. most American Jews are Reform or Conservative Jews, and the Orthodox Rabbinate controls the religious machinery in Israel (all marriages and other religious ceremonies in Israel are controlled by the Orthodox Church exclusively).

    Likud is closely tied to the Religious (Orthodox) political parties, so, if anything, this connection between state and (orthodox) church is going to get closer.

    Personally, I do not think that apartheid fits as a description for Israel…but it is possible that Israel is moving in that direction. At some point I do not think that the alliance between the US and Israel is serving the interests of the US. Likud and Netanyahu are seriously increasing the distinction between our mutual interests. Israel should not get a blank check of support from the US–like any other ally, they need to earn our support. Likud and Netanyahu have been taking advantage of the US, and that needs to stop.


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