Jots with dots March 19

Birka It’s by Stockholm. My peeps were from Kalmar, which was just as Viking-y as far as it goes. Are the Norskies and Danes more Viking-y than the Swedes? Kinda seems that way.

Related: Knowing your Scandinavia. Ben Carson whiffs. Not to say he isn’t smart, cuz that’s not true. But its outside of his specialty, and a man’s got to know his limitations. Specialization see, it’s a big deal. Makes me wonder, are Presidents specialists or generalists?

Not a double standard, but a false equivalence See, Democrats can abuse power, the pursuit of egalitarianism justifies it. Republicans, no…they just do things for the Koch brothers. Not morally equivalent people.

Dilletante Foreign Policy – I was moved to try and understand what the nature of the contention over the West Bank is. It was ‘won’ by Israel in the 6 day war, right? And a result of them defeating the surprise attack of 3 enemy states…. And by this time some decades later, Jordan has relinquished it anyway, and moved on… But Israel is squatting and the fair and just resolution is to give it to the Palestinians? I don’t see that…


One thought on “Jots with dots March 19

  1. pm1956

    Birka/burqua: The Vikings were great trraders, and in addition to the sea voyages, they also went into Russia and down the rivers into the Black Sea (Russia comes from the Scandinavian root “rus” meaning red), som that is another possible routs for the ring and/or woman to have taken. More likely just the ring, but who knows?

    Ben Carson: amateur hour stuff. Of course he is smarter than this. But, that said, he is also smart enough to know that foreign policy is important for a president and a presidential campaign, so he should be studying. Not like he didn’t know that foreign policy would be on the test, right? So, if he isn’t studying, how serious is he, really?

    Of course, this is where senators tend to have an advantage over governors–they have at least dabbled in foreign policy stuff for a while, and tend to be far more familiar with it. And governors will still have a huge advantage over a doctor, who has no particular experience with any aspect of government policy. Which is why Trump will look like a fool as well.

    As to your question about generalists versus specialists, look at this:

    this is a huge debate. Reagan was a hedgehog, Bush I, Clinton, and Obama are all clearly foxes. i am not at all sure what to call Bush II. Carter might have been a hedgehog. Personally, I am a fox (mile wide and an inch deep).

    as for Israel, this is really important. If you want peace in the Middle East (at least, peace between Arabs and Israeli’s–lets set aside peace between Sunni’s and Shiite, etc.), you have got to solve the palestinian problem. There are millions of palestinians. There are the exiles, living in Lebanon, jordan, Syria, Egypt, etc. There are Palestinians in the West Bank, and there are Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. If Israel keeps the West Bank, what of the Palestinians who live there? Does Israel expel them? (if so, where to?) Jail them? turn them into Israeli citizens? Do they get to vote? Move them to the Gaza Strip? What about the Palestinians who were living in the West Bank when Israel took it, and who fled to Jordan, etc? Are they to forever be exiles?

    The Palestinians have long been one of the major sources of terrorism in the world–if you want to solve this terrorism, then you need to solve the reason for them being terrorists–the invasion and occupation of their homeland.

    This also gets to the nature of Israel–what kind of a state is it– Is it democratic? What if the arab/palestinian minority turns into a majority?Will it always be a cause for war in the Middle East? Will it be possible for the US (and other countries) be be allied to Israel and to Israel’s neighbors? If Israel annex’s the West Bank, will peace with Egypt survive?

    Best article I have seen on this so far:


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