Jots with dots March 18

CSI: Lakeland…. Keeping your head in a situation like this… just doing nothing for a moment… is a favorable trait. The survivability of panicky people is lower ya figure…. I walk the ‘jetty’ in Hudson probably at least once a month. It’s probably a word that’s used correctly, I’ll defer to the reporter’s word choice, but it’s a word I have never heard. I think we call it the pier, but I think it’s the very old Highway 12 bridge from Minnesota.

Death tax: I still think this is an inanity, insofar as the rationale people insist of it has never been true in this country. As implemented in the US, the estate tax does not do much redistributing and doesn’t diminish legacy wealth at all. To repeat: the functionalities people claim derive from the estate tax don’t exist and never will, the revenues raised aren’t that much and the tax is avoided by those who ostensibly face it. To the extent it isn’t avoided, those people pay into life insurance trusts so that a death benefit can provide funds to pay the tax when they die… This is not efficiently used money in terms of the broader economy, we get nothing for this little fairy tale that the tax is a purchase of fairness. Let’s not align tax policy to fairy tales K?

I agree with this counterintuitive observation Given that the federal government can print fiat money through borrowing, they will, and do, and aren’t going to stop, and this is not without its uses. Budgeting with fiat money is more an art than science then, and in that witches brew it’s not really a requirement that the budget be ‘balanced.’ It’s a requirement that the economy function harmoniously. If you disrupt that with borrowing, you got problems. So, ‘balancing the budget’ is obviously really a fight over taxes, and decreasing the perceived necessity for tax increases.

Netanyahu: I thought he was going to lose, cuz that was the media conventional wisdom.


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