Jots with dots March 17

My mom made corn beef and cabbage on Sunday. I’m quite Irish, it would have been just as easy that I would have had an Irish surname. Ya know, cept for that my patriarchal great grandfather was a Swede from Sweden. He must have been a Swede with an actual personality, what with being able to intermarry into the German-Irish. Maybe not though, the Swedes are more handsome than most, maybe that’s what did the trick. Anyway, Flaherty and O’Meara are some Irish surnames in my lineage, and there are others. I do believe they left because of the potato famine, though I know not much about them. One thing I think is a curiosity, or at least counter intuitive to trope, is that I don’t have an Ellis Island story in my ancestry. Or whatever Ellis Island was before there was Ellis Island, my peeps skipped New York City altogether, never lived in an east coast Irish slum so far as I know. Came in through Quebec City and spread south into the Midwest. They have been in MN/WI a long time, I think since about statehood in 1858. Know what’s a great name for a town built by Irish people?… Green Isle, MN.

Related: It would seem to be that way, though my Irish Catholic St. Paul relatives are hanging in there for the Democrats.

Very strange, if you disregard the part where Beck is a nut. I’m taking Norquist’s side. If true, what’s supposed to be the upshot? That Norquist undermines the NRA in some way? I doubt it. Mr. Knowitall speculates: I would think a guy could build a soccer stadium of the quality of the St. Paul ballpark for $60 million. And then get the actual soccer team for somewhat less than $40 million, total investment less than $100 million. What do you want to make on that, 5-6% annually on the initial investment going forward? Doable, it would seem, so that’s a viable business. I know these guys never like to take actual cash out of pocket, but McGuire could probably get liquid to the tune of $100 mil and do it himself…

Not exactly a Sister Souljah moment, but he was a bit curt And he does not address other parts of the left this way. And its, ya figure, because the urban prosecutorial bar is a more important constituency.


4 thoughts on “Jots with dots March 17

  1. pm1956

    Gaffney vs. Norquist: Clearly Gaffney is nuts. I don’t think that the right is more susceptible to nutty theories than is the left, but I do think that the right is more prone to take those nutty theories seriously than is the left….. Gaffney was a respected and significant figure on the Right.

    McGuire is an arrogant ass. I find it interesting that he is getting no traction on public subsidies for his stadium. About time people decide enough is enough (but I bet there will be more support for a new Timberwolves effort before too long…). How many major league sports franchises can the twin Cities support? I think we are pretty saturated already.

    Supposedly i have some Irish ancestry somewhere…at least according to my paternal grandfather, but he was known to embellish. We all have many differenrt ancestral antecedents, and tend to pick and choose among them. My personal favorite happens to be be my utopian socialist ancestors who arrived here in the US in the 1840’s as immigrnats from the French/Swiss border area (Besancon/Bern). They invested/bought participant shares in a utopian movement know as the Icarians ( They were not part of the initial group that went to Texas, but part of the group that stayed in New Orleans and then went up to Nauvoo IL, and bought the town from the Mormons. My ancestors were among the Cabet loyalists who left the colony and moved to St. Louis following a political split. Just days after they arrived in St. Louis, their leader, Cabet, died, and so my ancestor ended up in St. Louis as a young carpenter.

    I went and visited Nauvoo a couple of years ago. A really pretty river town that has been turned into a Mormon pilgrimage site. Seriously, the Mormon Church has bought up much of the old historic Mormon site and restored it, and they hold all sorts of summer festivals there celebrating the death of Joseph Smith and the flight of the Mormons from persecution in Illinois to freedom in Utah.


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