Jots with dots March 16

97% consensus Paragragh 5 “Many scientists believe we need to cut emissions by 80 percent or more in the next few decades.” 80% Seems kinda steep. So many believe that? Really? Other thing is… If 80% emissions reduction is supposed to represent 80% decrease in carbon consumption, and it’s supposed to happen all other things being equal…. Like the nearish future doesn’t include a fusion revolution, etc…. then this is fanciful to the point that the intelligence of these people really ought to be questioned. An 80% decrease has got to be something akin to Pol Pot style agrarian communism. Which is to say, it isn’t going to happen, much as they’d like.

Critters I live say 200 ft away from Lake St. Croix, which is a wide spot in the river south of the I-94 bridge to Hudson. In this state full of eagles, if there’s a spot with more of them I haven’t heard of it. Basically need to shoo them out of the yard when you go outside. Saw a coyote the other day too, first time for me for that.

This is true. Love Game of Thrones. We don’t have Apple TV now, I will get it if this is the way it’s going to be. Comcast et al…. but mostly Comcast….being diminished this way is a great thing.

I agree with this counterintuitive observation

I think what happens when you develop a biometric screen for free agency eligible MLB pitchers with worn elbow UCLs you find they all have worn elbows–health The ‘problem’ is you’re giving them big money at age 28-30, when their best years are behind them, and their most injury prone years are in front of them. Take a sample of pitchers that age with the same mileage on them, I bet in reality the ones who persist in being resilient don’t correlate to what your high tech biometric screen suggested. These guys torque the ball so hard in the first place anyone of them could very easily snap an otherwise healthy ligament on an awkwardly thrown pitch. Which I think is something that happens and is almost impossible to avoid at some point.


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