Jots with dots March 13

97% consensus. That’s true.

Fair to say this could be true.

Fair to say. I tellya though, a lot has got to be riding on keeping other candidates out of the primaries, given Hillary’s real potential of losing to anyone credible because she’s not an appealing person and not an appealing progressive. There’s that, but inevitability is also its own problem. If it’s ostensibly locked up, primary voters will feel some freedom to not actually vote for her in the primaries. It’s a paradox.

I have a decent filter for absurdity, and this is the Daily Caller…. But for what reason am I to not believe this, and believe it looms as a gigantic, disqualifying problem….

Well it’s not exactly 9-9-9. Which is good. I’m dubious that Rubio-mentum is actually a thing. We’ll see If I got a $4k tax credit instead of the standard deduction, I think my fed taxes end up going down. Then plus the new child credits, not sure I’d pay any federal income taxes at all on a high five figure or low six figure AGIs. I see that as wishful thinking and not even desirable, would lend credence to the idea there are free lunches. Just lower the corporate rates.

Silence is golden. There really isn’t any practical reason not to allow these. And for practical, we might substitute a synonym like ‘common sense’, this a phrase that gets used in gun control arguments. So lacking a reason like that, opposition is really just about being against the expansion of gun rights. Did you know: you can’t silence revolvers? Also, I was under the impression you could get .22s much more silent that a mere jackhammer.


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