Jots with dots March 12

Not treason, as if it needs be said again. The Stalin wing of the party of smart was pretty excited there about prospects of a jail term for Cotton.

The scandal here is he uses an AOL account. such an old person thing, so 90’s.

Piketty was wrong.

It’s like she’s got all the appeal of a sexless nag or something… I said this before, but I’ll lay down MattY like marker here. She’s not going to be President. And I’ll bet like $100 on it. (I’m not exactly Mitt Romney).


2 thoughts on “Jots with dots March 12

  1. pm1956

    you haven’t done any Chait Stains for a while…..

    consider this:

    forget about the Obamacare alternative issue, and consider what he says about the differences between the GOP and the Dems. This is the nub of his argument:
    “The point, rather, is that the two parties are not mirror images of each other. They are asymmetrical. One is organized around practical objectives, the other ideological ones. Practical objectives lend themselves more easily to compromise. They can be measured in empirical terms. Ideological objectives defy compromise and practical assessment.”

    he offers support, and some more insight into the differences. I thought it was interesting.


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