Jots with dots March 9

I’ve had one public sector job in my life, I was a minimum wage clerk at a library in Cottage Grove for like 2 months in say 1986 when I was 17. I was supposed to be a book shelver… but I got fired for stopping to read too many books. Lack of public sector employment notwithstanding…. I don’t think I’m wrong to observe that the public sector is host to some absurd workplace misanthropy that is absent from the private sector. Of course you will see this or variants thereof in the private sector…. Occasionally. But most of the time in the private sector odd misanthropes will get fired. That possibility does seem to diminish the hijinks of misanthropes in the first place.

HS Hockey Tourney. I don’t really follow anything but baseball seriously, but I got into this over the weekend. I’m vaguely in the Hill-Murray diaspora, as my dad, uncle, and aunt grew up across the street and went there. HM got lit up by Lakeville in the quarterfinal. I’ll observe… as far as athleticism is to be contemplated as a nature vs nurture thing…. I think it’s basically nature, ie, elite athletes generally have a muscularity that’s, ya know, just superior to everybody elses, and they got it from their genetic line. I will say, if there’s a sport where kids with ’normal’ athletic genes can be transformed into elites by the practice and the playing regimen, I think its hockey. The skating in the tourney is astonishing, all around. There’s also this.

No good excuse Well, she could just say, the moral imperative is radical egalitarianism, and anything done in furtherance of that can be excused because its subservient to the moral imperative. IE, its OK if Democrats do it, but Republicans do the bidding of the Koch brothers. So for them it would be wrong.

You look at this like a bracketed competition …. I bet the intuitive favorite doesn’t even make the final more than 75% of the time, for whatever reason. You look at the example above, it would have supposed to have been Lakeville v. Edina in the Final. Instead it was Lakeville v. the 8th seed, Duluth east. If you’re Joe, that’s why you run. Because Hillary might implode before making the final.


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