Jots with dots March 6

Minnesota government is superior to Wisconsin’s in every way right?

If Walker got rid of their waiting period, their system would pretty much match ours. We don’t have a wait.

That’s what I said, and I agree with her extension of the argument. I don’t actually think Carson is malevolent though. And a smart man, but either not contemplative enough to have arrived at wisdom or just really unpolished. And ya know, for a guy who’s not going to win to run…. Its just an ego trip, ya wonder

At first look you might think ‘gang’ is too strong a word. But thing is, the entities that run rackets are ‘gangs’.

Yeah, I buy that argument, sorta anti state-coercion taken to its extreme. he’s smart.

I’m not aware of that protocol where you call the governor and tell him of your business plans I don’t imagine Target is particularly imperiled. My household spends what, $7500 a year at Target? And, I hate that fact. But multiply that by a n households , that’s their revenue. They’ll figure it out.


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