Jots with dots March 5

For lack of a good knife control law, apparently. Go see the picture. Goodness gracious.

I was saying I read Powerline with some restraint. Also this guy, McCarthy. These lawyers I think all deify federal prosecutorial powers too much, especially re terrorism. So did Hillary break the law, commit a felony? I’m sure she’s committed numerous such violations of record keeping acts, these being prosecutable, and these being disqualifying for her, really. But see, she’s not going to get prosecuted, because the DOJ is politicized. Mind you, it would be hard for a Republican DOJ AG to prosecute her, but it would be in that case because of external partisan pressure.

Other thing, on Hillary in general…. You know they say W was a legacy thing. And it’s true as far as it goes, if he wouldn’t have been HW’s son that opportunity couldn’t have been cultivated and claimed. But at a minimum, he had accomplished the stepping stone things in life and campaigned as a credible candidate, and without any (much?) help from his father. Now Hillary is smart in this way that those of us who have 125 IQs are. But she is in no way brilliant and in not much way accomplished. So she gets the nomination, and the presidency maybe, almost solely because her husband owes her a bushel full of chits for not divorcing him in 1998. This is the almost the most absurd thing you can dream of, and completely not flattering to the party of ‘smart’. Ought to be everything they don’t stand for. Which is why they don’t contemplate it much. Ya know, on reflection I am very impressed the Pres. Obama rejected that whole notion in 2008. It would be very impressive if he could reject it now in some way. Ya know I joke about Elizabeth Warren too, because I think she’s superficially unappealing. But she would be reflective of the party.

I like Anthony Kennedy actually I like all 5 of the conservative really. But I’m OK with Kennedy being a squish, and if he is ok with keeping subsidies based on this rationale, which I understand vaguely, I think I’m OK with that. I’ve gotten used to the idea PPACA will stay.

I reject the premise I still say Wilson provoked / escalated the encounter. Such that it did escalate to a dangerous confrontation, there’s a bit of irony there that in that role he is granted use of deadly force. And ya know, I say Holder is a failure, but he’s a failure here as a lefty social justice guy. Institutionally, the DOJ is biased to protect the conventional methods and tactics of conventional law enforcement. Which IS THE PROBLEM, not ambiguous racism. If Holder as a lefty can’t identify that and figure out a way to ameliorate it, then he ain’t worth a dang.


2 thoughts on “Jots with dots March 5

  1. pm1956

    Not true regarding W. He had no independent career–used daddy’s (and Daddy’s friends) money to become owner of the texas rangers, same with Gov of texas, as well as his whole oil business career (very capital intensive–but if you are given the capital, not so hard). And Hillary probably deserves credit for much of Bill’s successes. Together, they were quite a team–she had the strategery thing down pat, while he was the instinctual politician.

    As for alternatives to Hillary, don’t forget Joe Biden….

    I am not a Hillary fan, but not a hillary hater either. I do not like her on a personal level (but do not find her repellent, either), and I particularly do not like the idea of politics becoming the exclusive domain of “royal” families (Bushes, Clintons, Kennedy’s–there are plenty of others, particularly at the state level). At the moment, however, i find her to be the lesser of evils (the GOP field I do find to be generally repellent).

    Sounds like hillary is trying to release all of the e-mails, which she should do. That would be smart PR (it was dumb pr to do the private e-mail thing). So she is capable of learning.

    As for Ferguson…Darren wilson gets off because it its really hard to prove his intentions, and that is what they need to do. OTOH, the Police Department in Ferguson is clearly guilty of racial discrimination. (

    Wilson was just the spark that ignited a waiting conflagration, caused by years of petty abuse.

    FWIW, I find it interesting that some on the right are trying to focus on Wilson, and not looking at the bigger picture–I think the rioters have been vindicated.


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