Jots with dots March 4

I’m just not sure the country is ready to elect a sexless nag as President: I try to avoid linking Powerline. Because, I don’t think Powerline links do much for my 3 readers. And, I find them a little taciturn myself, even for conservatives. But I agree with this. Now, its odd I think that a media that is supplicant to Democrats generally has taken an interest in doing some hard reporting on Hillary. But for whatever their reasons, if this is the way it’s going to be, I don’t think the sham marriage thing where Bill gets to date other women withstands the American public’s bourgeois expectation of monogamy for political candidates. Also, this, which I think actually humanizes her a bit.

So who’s really going to be the (D) nominee…? Maybe Warren….How bout Corey Booker or Chuck Schumer, someone like that.

Liberal outrage du jour: Know what I think as a matter of truth? That it can be a choice!…. OR! … you can be born that way! So he’s not wrong necessarily but it’s the kind of cloddish public conversations that Republicans fall into. See, what I don’t get is, it’s not required that these guys all weigh in on some of the more obtuse lines of questioning. That’s Walker’s point basically.

I agree with Ezra, basically. Just cuz there’s such a longterm, almost unmovable bias towards continuity.

97% consensus: Douglas gets some prestige as a Republican apostate on climate change. Now yeah, it appears Douglas does believe in private commerce. And while that is a universal belief among Republicans, that belief is also found with some meaningful frequency among Democrats. It’s just to say, I’m not convinced Douglas is actually a Republican, such that’s he’s not articulated support for any other Republican beliefs. I’m a denialist there. Other thing I tellya, this Lambo, he’s got some persistent mental tics (not that I know anything about that). They elevate him up from court jester there at Minnpost, and he immediately starts grinding axes he was grinding for years on SRC. I’m looking forward to him revisiting Rathergate, I expect that comes in the next few weeks.


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