Jots with dots March 2

Yeah, buts it’s a noble lie, because all Democrat lies are noble lies, right?

Yeah, but its noble graft…. There is a certain patheticness to some of these range development initiatives, such as they are. $10/hr call center jobs…really?

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…: Klobuchar and Ellison don’t actually have a history of actually getting things done in Congress. So ya figure their failure here is somewhat excused by their own ignorance. But I would think there are some Republicans to partner with on Operation Chokepoint, which is the actual crux of the biscuit. So go to Issa, go to Rand…

I enter and exit town each day by the ballpark… and I’ve got advanced baseball insight…. This ball park is going to be a thing letmetellya. Extraordinary. ….and actually, maybe too good for what the Saints are as a baseball product…


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