Carry that weight

What are we, ten years into shall issue in MN? The streets haven’t run red with blood with shootouts on every corner. You’ve got a precipitous drop in applications last year, only because the prior year saw such a surge. Applications remain high. The Strib reporter fails to attach this volume to the proper context, but its Sandy Hook / Newtown. The personal defense and sporting goods markets did extraordinary business in the years following Sandy Hook / Newtown. Cuz, people were motivated to be sheep dogs, and also because of the paranoia thing where people think the gun grabbers are coming to outlaw stuff. Anyway, carry has been mainstreamed, it’s never going away. From the report… my zip includes a couple thousand people over a handful of exurban villages on the St. Croix out here. I see there’s 18 permit holders in the area, and 1 is a woman.


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