Jots with dots 2/27

There’s another obvious answer here that’s both reflective of the truth and exculpatory. That is, that the Clinton’s marriage is a sham (…certainly by most people’s standards). And with the foundation being Bill’s deal, there’s no way Hillary’s influence could be bought by Bill’s donations. That’s all she has to say eh?

The scandal free Obama administration:

Patricia Arquette, good lookin 68er Somehow I don’t think Hollywood is going to be down with this Lily Ledbetter II thing where all the companies report their M/F salaries to a DB that trial lawyers can troll.

Net neutrality My very first comment on this. On its face, when they say now like how Netflix et al will be prevented from paying for fast lanes, as will anyone and everyone…. I’m not sure what the wisdom is in that. Uh, why not let them pay for fast lanes? But anywho, I’m not apocryphal.

I would imagine the ACLU feels similar

Sub-prime auto loans are trendy apparently Know what? I have one. My credit is damaged somewhat from 2009-2011. At the time I defaulted on a Sears card and had some late pays on the mortgage. In hindsight, might have been managed with more urgency, IE kickin myself. But fact is this is a one-earner household that was under economic stress during the downturn. Anyway, felt we could step up and afford the payments on a decent car last summer. We can, but the underwriting was a bitch. F’ing “Santander”, I feel like a dreg. 9% ain’t credit card interest, but it’s pricey. I wanted the wife to have a car, and me to have my Corolla back, so I took the loan. Looking for my credit score to nose up closer to 700 this summer, and I think a credit union will refi that note.


2 thoughts on “Jots with dots 2/27

  1. pm1956

    I am not completely sure that i understand all of the Net Neutrality thing, but I do know that I really am not certain that i trust Comcast. Way i see it, is if comcast got their way, they’d be charging Netflix more for better/faster access, at the expense of, say, WordPress, or any other site that isn’t paying the going rate. The result would be that I’d have better/faster access to Netflix (which i would pay for), and worse/slower (and maybe none, eventually) access to other sites/locations.

    What I like about my internet is the ability to find odd things, not the popular stuff. Sure, i overuse Amazon, and probably spend too much time with MLB/Cardinals, but i really also love finding out what is going on in South Africa.


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