Bullet Grabbin

This broke free of the gunny press and made the NY Times. So it’s on its way to being a real political fight.


The article is incomplete, purposefully ya figure. The objection raised by the gunnies is made ambiguous to the point that people who can read aren’t to be made aware enough to make a judgment who’s right.

That objection is that the ban undertaken based on administrative powers delegated to concern armor piercing bullets for handguns…. is used here to ban the M855, which is not armor piercing, and not a handgun cartridge. The action relies on fanciful new interpretations of what it means to be armor piercing and what it means to be a handgun cartridge, these interpretations being well outside normative administrative procedure and case law.

So figure, ‘lawless’ is not used hyperbolically here.

Practically speaking, these cartridges are not a threat to be used in AR pistols against police. I mean, besides them not actually being ‘armor piercing’… there’s just no statistical basis for which you can make that claim. IE, no statistical basis as in none, 0.000. If there’s been an incident with these attributes, no one’s ever reported it. With that, the safe bet is the NRA will prevail politically or in court then. Much as we like to think otherwise, it’s hard for gross stupidity to persist in the law, especially when loud voices raise hell about it.

So why do it, why undertake a stupid political trolling exercise that’s going to get turned back? Gamesmanship, boundary pushing, acquiescence to your political patrons…. Just to say, it’s not exactly this good government and common sense public policy priciples the administration claims they adhere to.


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