Jots with dots 2/25

Hey Gallup and Pew have polls showing liberals are less patriotic. So figure it’s reasonable to assume there’s a threshold for which that lack of approval for American commercial and military power translates into “Un-American-ness”. So we can have that discussion about what’s within and outside of that threshold? Or what’s closer to popular norms. Amirite?

Yes, they are. Union ranks being what they are these days, I don’t actually even know any Democrats in unions. Yeah, I guess I can say I ‘know’ some teachers, but that’s the crux of the biscuit actually. Most unions are public employee unions. You know…

Atheist guy: maybe we should ditch the obnoxious misanthrope shtick

Dick Cheney and other racist conservatives have been running Chicago apparently:

Just kidding, Democrats run Chicago, so I’m sure it’s perfectly all right.

Wire to wire: Jeb is not going to be the nominee. Money is fine, but primary voters gotta vote for ye.


4 thoughts on “Jots with dots 2/25

  1. pm1956

    It is not that liberals are more or less patriotic–it is that they care less about patriotism. Patriotism is simply not as central a concern for them. this is one of the central points of Jonathan Haidt–liberals care very much about things like fairness and care/harm, and much less about patriotism and sanctity. Conservatives tend to care equally about all of them (which means that, relatively speaking, they care less about care/harm issues).

    Is it good for the country to care more for patriotism? America, love it or leave it? Frankly, that sort of view is hardly consistent with the Founding Fathers viewpoints…..

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      I don’t disagree. As a matter of language I think the discussion is conflating some things which should be distinct. “Love” of America, patriotism, etc.

      Still, I think the inner dialog of the Democrat party is quite a bit more radical than they like to publicly acknowledge, and in ways that are lefty enough to be understood as ‘Un-American”. I think that ought to be subject to discussion, but the press is enforcing a speech code there.

      1. pm1956

        As someone who has taken part in some of that “inner dialog”, I can assure you that your assumption is wrong.

      2. W.E. Peterson Post author

        Few weeks ago when the higher tax proposal for 529 plans was withdrawn, Jamelle Bouie lamented, basically, that it showed how hard it was going to be to raise taxes on the broader middle class. Within the ‘inner dialogue’ of the Democrat party, it’s my sense that the middle class not paying enough taxes is a sense / position that has a lot of support. For several reasons, IE, global warming, disdain for consumption, the general idea that American’s live too well. This is not a position that’s usually acknowledged in more public discussions or campaigned on. Am I wrong?

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