Through the past, darkly: MnSure

The original implementation is getting discussed a lot this week. And there’s this as sort of an outrage du jour I’ve been mad about PPACA and MnSure, but that’s restricted to its passage….which was not altogether honest, amirite… As far as the people who had to implement it, it’s like the Kobayashi Maru… a no win game. And by this I mean, the system had an implementation date that was set as a matter of politics, not project management estimation. So if you’re a technician on that job, you put on a brave face and keep working it. Oh I suppose you can be one of those righteous souls who quits and blows the whistle, but that’s not for everybody. Not for many, actually, and the project would have gone on anyway despite protestations, to its destiny as a led zeppelin at launch. So as a technician you either quit or you work the job, which does not have reasonable expectations for deliverables. Neither of these is all that appealing. And if you’re on that job and it bombs on launch….that’s not really failing or an indication of malfeasance. Failing to deliver against an impossible release date is not actually a project management failure, it’s a requirements failure, such as it was a defective functional requirement that came out of the political process here. As far as Todd-Malmlov goes….there’s perhaps some schadenfreude to be had at the arrogant way the bureaucracy dismissed the warnings of the naysayers leading up to the release…. But really she was just one of the many putting on a brave face and working the job. She certainly has no obligation to be part of the audit now. I think it’s entirely reasonable that she ask to be paid if she’s to be interviewed while not under court order.


One thought on “Through the past, darkly: MnSure

  1. pm1956

    I generally agree with you. Politicians set policy, and administrators are the ones to implement it. Those are very different jobs, and require different skill sets. Politicians frequently forget this, and often cause problems that the administrators have to solve. That, in itslef, is not so bad. what is bad is when politicians then politicize the jobs that the administrators are trying to do.


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