Jots with dots 2/19

I have been pondering this very same thing, and did come to a proper conclusion it can’t be shy ‘political correctness’ on the President’s part. So I do recognize the wisdom there from the President. It’s not good to be inflammatory. It’s not necessary that the public be sated with a rhetorical pound of flesh. Truth told, W was usually just as even tempered in his public comments.

Dilettante economist – I’ve used the term vulgar Marxist before. but not correctly, apparently. Prompted by this article to look it up and then understand, Vulgar Marxism is Marxist the analysis using the stripped down principle of economic determinism. I’d been using it to refer to, ya know, what I thought was the well-defined Marxist predisposition to extreme misanthropy and obnoxiousness…. Consider me educated… And I’m glad I still have the capacity there at with my advancing age!

Saw Kingsman last night. It was truly awful.

15 year wedding anniversary for me and the mrs. She deserves all the credit that can be given for patience, and I feel so fortunate she did.


One thought on “Jots with dots 2/19

  1. pm1956

    I agree with you. Whatever W’s faults, he tried hard not to make the Iraq and Afghan wars wars on Islam. Frankly, i think almost any President would try to avoid such a mistake (because it would be playing right into ISIS’s or Al Qaeda’s hands). Presidents generally have to clean up the consequences of rash words, and so tend/try not to be hasty. Wanna-be Presidents and political commentators/pundits don’t care about the consequences of what they say, as long as they get more airtime.

    You are correct that this is red meat time on places like Fox News. I think that some of them are intelligent, and wonder if they ever have qualms about the stupid/inflammatory things they say. But i also wonder if they have qualms about fleecing their viewers by selling them gold and silver, etc.


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