Jots with dots 2/18

Right wing scams – I have this one neat trick that I use to not get scammed. I don’t make political donations.


The question is the answer, missy. Liberal worries that not calling out Joe Biden’s creepiness validates conservative assertion of a double standard.–100590?utm_content=bufferf5202&utm_medium=social&

Drum is dumb. This is not organic, value-adding commerce. Rather, it’s breaking a bunch of windows to make new business for the glass company, and a subtraction from actual organic, value-adding commerce.

Yeah, they are right. ‘Root causes’ as an argument can often be of dorm-room, pass the-bong-quality. It is here. Also, conservative outrage du jour.

Loveland’s Frank Luntz watch: Joe’s got a thing for Frank Luntz that goes back to Luntz renaming the estate tax the ‘death tax’. Even though, ya know, the taxable event there is ‘death’. Joe thinks that’s Orwellian or something. I dunno, he may be on better ground here, PPACA probably will be accepted and survive.

A bad week for personal technology – A weekend ago I boughta $250 HP Laptop. Inexpensive, right? Well I have a couple dollars in my pocket these days, but I don’t know what you’re buying if you spend more than that. I mean, I’m sure you get value for the extra money but I’ve reached the age where I’m at a loss for what it is. I’m not in that place in life where I pore over each Sunday’s Best Buy and Circuit City ad. Oh yeah, Circuit City…. And if I did it would be a bunch of alphabet soup ram, ddr, rom hdd… I used to care about that stuff. So I bought this computer, and it’s a dog. Very slow. I do think I’m right to recall that PCs and laptops were actually more responsive out of the box ten years ago. But you got all these anti-malware programs now that run as services, slow things down… Other thing was, kid00s laptop had a burnt out screen. I bought another screen, installed it fine… but it doesn’t work, it just white screens. Ya know, you’d think there’d be an easy answer for this, but it’s not something you can find on a google search with all the garbage insight that’s out there. This is a big problem in need for a solution.


One thought on “Jots with dots 2/18

  1. pm1956

    I have long noted the cheap exploitation of some of the more gullible right by their “leaders”, including Fox News. Very much a Professor Harold Hill performance. I don’t own any gold or silver….

    Luntz isn’t in that same group–he (and Karl Rove) is fleecing people who should know better. More power to him.

    Regarding unemployment and terrorism…No, they are not. And this is not a left wing thing at all. It is GW Bush/Nation building thing. Look at hamas–their suicide bombers get their families taken care of by Hamas, for the rest of their lives. Give people better options, and they will chose those options instead.


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