North: Our Minnesota exceptionalism

Somewhat under emphasized: St. Paul and the east suburbs.

Paragraph beginning “The Twin Cities’ geographical blessings are subtle”. I think that’s true, and not an intuitive geography observation. Lot of talent comes in from IA and the Daks.

Paragraph beginning “Shaver’s theory”: I think that’s true.

Two paragraphs on amelioration of metro / suburban fiscal disparities: I have mixed feelings as to whether it “works”. Maybe fair to say

Preventing Ghettos: Maybe fair to say re the low income housing in suburban developments. And, to the extent we do have ethnic neighborhoods, there’s not been much for intentional or lingering policies that would direct low income people to particular neighborhoods, etc.

Inadequately remarked on: Pretty balanced economy here. Academic, health, financial, agriculture, comp sci, retail, a little mfg.

Unremarked on: We sprawled the heck out of the cities here. That’s supposed to be bad.

Unremarked on: I don’t know of other places where there are, ya know, six tiers of suburbs… all these little municipalities with their own governing authority. It’s weird, and would seem to work.

Counterintuitive: It’s not actually overly governmental and bureaucra-tized here in MN, though fair to say one can experience their own horror story. People do have a real zeal for entrepreneurship; people here dig the idea of being sole proprietors of their own prosperous little enterprise.


One thought on “North: Our Minnesota exceptionalism

  1. pm1956

    A pretty good article. clearly we are all still above average. (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    I do think that there is something to be said for some significant property tax equalization. Look at Edina and Richfield, for example. I think that Edina benefits from having Richfield not turning into the ghetto right next door. And in the past couple of years, Richfield is showing signs of life!
    Same w/ Robbinsdale!

    I first moved here in 1986, from Washington DC. Local friends took me to the corner of Selby & Dale in St. Paul and told me that this was about as bad as it gets (one of them lived just a couple blocks away, on Dayton–was at a party in their backyard when someone got shot on the street just a block away. My buddy had been a medic in ‘Nam, and went and tried to save the guy, but he died). Others insisted that Broadway Ave in N. Mpls was the worst. Hell, i had lived in worse neighborhoods in DC!


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