The deuce, 2/13

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…: This is actually a byproduct of Operation Chokepoint. If not explicitly from those guidelines, it’s the result of identical tactics and methods by the Comptroller. Republicans have complained about Operation Chokepoint, but get disregarded as fringy and paranoid. But yeah, Vox notices it now because they find the victims sympathetic to them…. And fails to mention the larger issue of Operation Chokepoint, IE, the systematic barring of lawful enterprises from using common commercial financial services.….

Hey y’all realize he’s probably lying about being a Christian too, gehar gehar… Let’s move on from being shocked by the lie, cuz there should be few people who should be shocked. I still say, the discussion should be on whether their pursuit of [weird, dystopic] egalitarianism gives liberals the moral authority to lie about whatever they want. IE, it should be a discussion of whether ends justifying means is a valid approach, and whether egalitarianism is actually morally supreme enough to excuse lying and other anathemas to democracy.

I don’t have much doubt Scott Walker is as ‘smart’ as Pres. Obama. This is a thing this week. and by saying that I don’t in anyway intend to diminish the President’s ‘smartness’… No one ever mentions Walker was going to Marquette during the Dahmer years….How bout that, hmmmmm…


One thought on “The deuce, 2/13

  1. pm1956

    Ends justify the means…that seems to be more of a conservative trait, don’t you think?

    Example–Dick Cheney (and other conservative torture apologists) on torture–because it got results and saved lives. Though, of course, it didn’t. But that is the best justification they have for breaking the law and torturing people. And they use it, repeatedly.


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