Jots with dots 2/13

Dilettante political observer: Paygate – My pedantic point about this the other day was that the Govs. notion of public vs. private sector salary equivalencies was mistaken. On the whole though, I was not terribly outraged. 1) I understood him to have the power to give those raises 2) While being wrong on the quantitative comparisons I thought he was mostly right on a more nebulous qualitative observation that those commissioners were underpaid. To get on the outrage boat you have to think $140k, $150k, $175k is a big gob of salary for these jobs. As has been noted, the pay for these commissioner jobs is quite arbitrary rather than market driven…. But we’re still a ways away from them being big money. I understand this, but I guess I forget that most people react viscerally to superficial ‘big’ salaries.

Ya know, I listen to KTLK and know the Republicans were griping…. but their recalcitrance is assumed and then dismissed. It didn’t occur to me there was a way for anyone, less state Democrats, to get rash and make it blow up into a political crisis.

I woulda figured Bakk could have let Dayton be Dayton on this, have him own it, but instead he blocked the pay raises. Seems panicky, but maybe the rubes on the range are reacting yes ‘viscerally’. The senate’s 4th year election is coming up this year. Other thing is, Tomassoni leading into it must have established a notion of feathernesting all around. Damage control is required.

And in hindsight you conclude that if it’s this big a deal, the governor probably violated a political norm, granted, one that no one understood was there, as the prior consolidated DFL legislature had given him the raise power ya figure so that he could actually use it.

I didn’t vote for Dayton, but have had a bit of mixed admiration for him. His dorky earnestness is kind of laudable. But this is all on him. If you listened to his press conference bytes, it’s clear as Dayton gets older we’re living through Gov. Goofy II. All over the place, with at this point it seems a very tenuous ability to make a coherent public statement. Gov. Tina might be along sooner than we all figured.

Jon Chait would like to save leftism from Marxism: I buy his argument, but I think it’s a lost cause. Implicit in this discussion is I think an acknowledgment that Marxists make up a great amount of the American left. How much, more than half?

My bailiwick – I didn’t know anyone was fighting this… but they won! – and it was the guy who brought us Heller As a practical matter, what the law has prevented is say me, living in MN, crossing the border and buying a handgun at a Wisconsin dealer/retailer in person when there are no such interstate prohibitions like that for long guns. Now, if you rilly rilly wanted whatever handgun it is that out of state retailer has, you have been able to buy it and have it shipped to an FFL dealer in your own state. But this is not additive to a safeguard that protects the public, it just moves the venue of the form 4473 affidavit and the instacheck from the gun counter where you are standing, making the purchase, to one in your state of residence. And then you get to pay the shipping, and the instacheck fee of the FFL who is not making the sale (they’d do that for free if you were buying something). Post-appeals, ya figure this one will stick. Good.


One thought on “Jots with dots 2/13

  1. pm1956

    Yeah, I’m not exactly sure what Dayton is up to here. But there has been bad blood between them for a while, going back to the last session, concerning tax hikes, etc. Thissen and Dayton on the one side, with Bakk (and the new Senate Office Building that cost the DFL the house) on the other.

    Basically, Bakk doesn’t seem to care for anyone besides himself. I expect that Dayton is trying to undercut Bakk’s position in the Senate. Clearly, Dayton will win this scrimmage (he can easily veto Bakk’s bill). The bigger issue is if someone will challenge Bakk for the Senate leadership post. I suppose that will depend on the outcome of the next elections, and how many DFL Senators win or lose. But both Bakk and Dayton will be weakened by this.


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