Yes, it’s the train, and then stairs and elevator

“Jim Ivey, who lives in Lowertown, works in the skyway and chairs the skyway committee of the neighborhood district council, said there are concerns over large gatherings in the new stairway-elevator tower that connects the Green Line light-rail Central Station at Fifth and Cedar streets to the skyway.

He said people want to wait for trains and buses in a warm place but tend to block access for anyone using the skyway system and that the large groups make some passers-by feel uncomfortable.

Others have told the Pioneer Press that groups in that area of the skyway have harassed people walking by.”

There’s a skyway tunnel that runs from the Alliance Bank Building to over the vacant lot that is the Central Station to 340 Cedar and then the Capital City Plaza / Minnesota Building. The thing has the feel and construction of an airport terminal leg / elevated concourse. And as the paddock for the train is outside, unheated, people come up the stairs into this skyway ‘thing’.

So there’s this, which is an oddball architectural feature. It can be treated with the constant attendance of police officers but ya figure it would be better to make some structural changes. Like build a heated paddock outside

Other thing is… the train has attracted more youths downtown. Some of them are rowdy of course.

I think a kid tried to ‘harass’ me the other day at this spot. Tried to provoke me with some street theater / histrionics as I was to pass by. He was more superficially threatening than the typical pathetic panhandler. I kept walking.


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